Maddona Wins Boob of the Week

There are many reasons, watching this clip, to award Madonna Boob of the Week.

Boob of the Week

The Material Girl’s Keen Political Commentary

Boob of the Week Gets Sticky and Sweet

-April Daniels Hussar

There are many reasons, watching this clip, to award Madonna Boob of the Week. ONE is her uncanny resemblance to Cher. Non?

TWO: Her mysterious accent … much like Eliza Doolittle enunciating madly after a grueling session with Henry Higgins. (Or – like a 4 yr old who can’t say R’s yet … ALL RIGHT NEW YOK!) Question: does Madonna know she’s not actually British?

YET ANOTHER: Her insistence that the crowd keep clapping and clapping (hey we don’t all have arms of steel ropes, lady) – but at least she’s honest, claiming, her “ego” needs it. (What? Madonna has a giant unquenchable ego? Say it ain’t so!)

STILL ANOTHER reason: She picks on some poor guy in the front row for looking bored. “What the F*&K? I’m working my ASS off up here!!”

BUT … what finally claims Madonna the coveted’s Boob of the Week Award: Her maniacal tirade against SARAH PALIN, apropos of nothing. Now, not all of us at Betty are fans of Gov. Palin (some are; some aren’t – we’re cool like that), but in general when critiquing a political candidate we suggest expanding beyond “SHE’S NOT INVITED TO MY PARTY!”

Apparently, Sarah Palin is “NOT INVITED TO ANY SHOW!” The Material Girl screeches, “Let’s get that bitch OUT OF HERE!” but then – this is the best part – she says it’s “nothing personal. I LOVE HER SOUL.”

Well ok then!  I guess that’s what being enlightened is ALL ABOUT.

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