Madonna's Sex Scheduling

A discussion on scheduling sex, is it reasonable?

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So Madonna Scheduled Sex … Can You Sympathize?

Is it really such a big deal?

-April Daniels Hussar

Madonna and Guy RitchieWhen we heard that Guy Ritchie was complaining about Madonna scheduling sex right into her planner, our collective reaction was, generally, sympathetic to the Material Girl.

“MADONNA SCHEDULES SEX AROUND WORKOUTS” reads the headline. So it would be better if she scheduled it around, say, meetings at the U.N.?

Reading between the lines, it looks like Madonna schedules just about everything (surprise, surprise … you think those arms create themselves?), and no freaking wonder – as any working mother can relate, it’s no joke keeping track of everyone’s schedules, work obligations, social functions and still finding time to stay healthy and – gasp – intimate. Yeah so Madonna’s date book includes things like “Prep for World Tour” and “Direct major motion picture” but the principle is basically the same. It’s not ideal, but in this hectic modern society, sometimes things that don’t make it into the schedule just don’t make it, period.

Says one Betty:

I think that life gets so busy that if you don’t schedule things that are important to you – sex and workouts included – then they can get lost along the way. It may not be the most romantic thing in the world to schedule sex, but hey, it gives you something to anticipate, you know you’re gonna get it, and it’s a lot MORE romantic then trying to remember when the last time was that you actually were able to do it!

Of course, not all the Bettys agreed.

One e-mailed:

I can see why some people schedule sex — but around workouts? What better way to make someone feel unwanted and unimportant?? That alone would turn me off so much that I’d be averse to sex!

Quoth another:

It’s like scheduling it around getting your nails done or Gossip Girl. If you need to schedule, at least let it be around something important.

But generally we feel for Madonna, and think Guy (who should keep his mouth shut in public anyway about the divorce), is off base for complaining.

Our own Manic Mommy quipped:

I schedule sex around a martini and a backrub, usually in that order! :)

And – the always hilarious and always insightful Carrie Seim puts it best:

Isn’t sex always scheduled?

When we’re in high school it’s scheduled as: Friday @ 10 pm – Rent DVD w/
. (Parents out of town!!)

Then in college: Thursday @ midnight – Study w/ Ted (Roommate out of town!!)

Young adulthood:
Saturday @ 8 pm – Expensive dinner w/ Brian (Third date +
Boss out of town!!)

Middle age: Wednesday @ 4:25 pm – Sex with husband. (Trainer out of town!!)

I think this all comes back to women being discouraged to acknowledge their sexual needs and make them a priority. So cheers to Madonna for calling a spade a spade! Just because we don’t mark it in our Outlook Calendars as such, I’d guess we’ve all done it.

And warns one Betty who actually does schedule it in Outlook, BE CAREFUL if you send a meeting request. She once actually sent such a request meant for her husband to a bigwig at the company where she currently worked!

Tell us: what do you think?

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