Madonna and Guy Immediately Launch Airing of Dirty Laundry

Madonna and guy Ritchie divoirce is already getting ugly ... what a surprise.

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Madonna and Guy Immediately Launch Airing of Dirty Laundry

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-April Daniels Hussar

madonna and guy ritchie

Madonna and Guy’s divorce is already turning public and nasty … quelle suprise.  The UK’s Telegraph reports:

Guy Ritchie’s father has branded Madonna “beastly” as the couple’s divorce battle threatens to get ugly …The pop star took a swipe at her estranged husband by dedicating a song about their relationship to the “emotionally retarded” when she appeared on stage in Boston.

Dear celebrities who get divorced (i.e.: Dear nearly every celebrity married couple),

Say it with me …


Let’s practice!

Reporter: “Madonna, what drove you to decide to divorce your husband, Guy Ritchie?”

Madonna: “For the sake of my beloved children, I have no comment. Let’s talk about music and my incredibly toned upper arms!”

See how easy that is?

Let’s try again …

Reporter: “Madonna’s father-in-law, why do you think your son and daughter-in-law are calling it quits?”

Madonna’s father-in-law: “I have no comment on that, for the sake of my beloved son and grandchildren. Let’s talk about my gall bladder!”


(Apparently it is – just ask Christie Brinkley, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger … )

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