Mail-Order Marriages

Website offers men tropical "love tours” to meet Russian brides.
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Mail-Order Marriages

Website offers men tropical “love tours” to meet Russian brides.

-Carrie Seim

Mail-order bride

As if we single women don’t have enough trouble finding mates. Now we have to compete with this?

A Sacramento/Kazakhstan based company has just announced “love tours,” where men can relax in Caribbean villas, golf to their hearts’ content and mingle with a houseful of “marriage minded” Eastern European women.

Oh, how we wish we were kidding.

The tours, organized by the mail order bride matchmaking site, promise villas stocked with 10 to 12 Russian (or former Soviet Republic) ladies for every three lucky men flown in from the United States.

Three-day packages start at $1,500, plus a $5,000 engagement fee. Not only does this little vacay include food, drink, swimming and sunshine – it comes with a professional matchmaker and visa assistance for the bikini, errrr, girl you pick to marry on the spot. But don’t worry, if your foreign fiancé breaks things off before her visa goes through, you get your 5,000 bucks back.

Welcome to The Bachelor: Mail Order Bride Edition.

Oksana Love tours take place in the Dominican Republic. This neutral tropical location is important, according to the site, because:

You have to see how she feels being away from her home, family, friends. This experience will show you how high or low her chances are to get adjusted to a new culture, new country, and new society. If she gets home sick, it is better to see it from the beginning, but not when it’s too late and you put too much time into relationships, when you already had brought her to your country to marry.

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0 thoughts on “Mail-Order Marriages

  1. Wow I see the desperate people hopping on this boat. That’s crazy. & The way she advertises us, women, is sad like we are a piece of meat. “Hey, come get me! I know you want it…”

  2. Oh my goodness I cant belive in a day and age where women should be so liberated they are really stooping this low as to trade in their entire life for a man whom they have never even met before. I am so surprised that something like this website would even continue to revenate bussiness. You would think that men would want women with a mind of her own and would question a womens image of herself as to stoop so low.

  3. i guess there’s more men who can’t MAN UP TO THE CHALLENGE ei?

    badboy.. if a woman isn’t bitchin.. she’s up to no good.. or the man she’s with is either a god or a loser, whose too afraid to lose his goddess so he gives in to her every whim..

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