Make Over Your Boobs!

Charla Krupp gives 10 tips for finding the best, most flattering bras for you.
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Make Over Your Boobs!

Charla Krupp gives 10 tips for finding the best, most flattering bras for you.

-Lois Joy Johnson

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One of my best friends is a petite peppy blonde you’ve seen lots of times on the Today show. She’s Charla Krupp, author of the bestseller How Not To Look Old ($15.99 reduced to $10.87,  a.k.a. the bra-queen. Charla has been known to eyeball a friend or colleague’s chest (over lunch no less) and pull out of her large Gucci bag a bra that “you must try right this minute because it will change your life.” She’s always right and saved a large group of her N.Y.C. and Hamptons chums from looking saggy or like deflated party balloons in our DVF and Milly sheaths this summer. Buy her paperback to get all the info but I asked Charla to give the Bettys her top ten bra tips:

1. If you haven’t gotten a professional bra fitting in the last year go now! If you gained or lost weight, had a baby, are menopausal, went on or off the pill … you need an update. Bra manufacturer Wacoal says in the last ten years average size went from a 34B to a 36D. Wow! Major department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales all have specially trained fitters in their bra departments.

2. The right bra will lift your breasts up and off your ribcage and give you a couple of more inches of torso right under the bra band so your body looks longer and leaner. This is the skinniest part of your torso so don’t hide it under saggy breasts! I once did a bra segment on Oprah and this tip really got amazing viewers raves.

3. Get a molded underwire bra especially if you’re a D or larger. For years I wore minimizers thinking the compression made me look smaller. I ended up looking like I had a uniboob … or like I had four boobs, depending on the bra. They either squashed me together or emphasized excess spillage at the top and sides.

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