Making Memories With My Little Boy

We found the best ways to enjoy Disneyland!
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Making Memories With My Little Boy

We found the best ways to enjoy Disneyland!

-Deborah Perry Piscione

Deborah Perry Piscione and Drake

One day it dawned on me. I had spent so much of 2009 focused on one of my four-year-old twin boys’ specific needs that I decided to take an end-of-the- year break with my other twin boy. It would be just him and me – on a plane, on a bus, in a hotel room. Sans the husband, sans the twins’ competitive battles, and sans a very charming – but very “mommy” demanding – 20-month-old daughter. I was looking for a few days where everything else in my life would be quiet, allowing me to focus on the laughter and amazement in the eyes of my son, Drake.

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I decided to take Drake to a place that is still magical to me, and has been ever since I was a little girl – the land of Disney. For whatever reason, Disney just calls to me every few years. After seeing so much of the world, what is it about Disney that draws me back over and over again? Is it that I get to let go of the stress of raising a family, running a household, and running a business simultaneously? Is it that I get to be a kid again? Is it that I’m such a fan of Walt Disney’s vision, and the wonder and beauty he created out of that vision? Whatever it is, I was thrilled to be bringing my son Drake to Disney at the same age I first experienced it as a little girl.

We packed our bags, kissed everyone goodbye, and set off for four precious days of magic. For four whole days, I jettisoned my parent role, and just indulged my inner child. I loved it! I loved that I wasn’t the tired mommy rushing around to find matching shoes before tennis practice, while wondering if I’d be able to make my 3 p.m. conference call and Wait, where did I put my Blackberry? Instead , I was the fun pal who went “phew, phew” with Drake (that means shooting the bad guy). I was the buddy who indulged in delicious treats we NEVER allow at home, danced through the streets of Downtown Disney, and acted as goofy as, well, as Goofy!

Disney is a magical place, but what made this trip most special was the time I had alone with Drake. Having twin boys first (followed by a baby girl), my husband and I sometimes feel like we missed out on that one-on-one time you get when you have only one child. We wouldn’t trade our family for anything, but those quiet bonding moments of “you’re the most important thing to me in the whole world” – those have been in short supply.

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  1. cute story! i’m really looking forward to disney with my little ones. although personally i feel the same way about vegas – it calls to me still. when my babies turn 21 we’re there…!

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