Malia and Sasha Love Tyra Banks

Sasha and Malia Obama love Tyra Banks and America's Top Model!

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Sasha and Malia Love Tyra Banks

Practicing cat-walk moves in the White House

-Kelly Will

Malia and Sasha Obama, and Tyra BanksFirst daughters Sasha and Malia Obama are big fans of an empowered woman other than their mother – it’s talk show princess Tyra Banks. While the girls are focused on school and getting ready for their new pup and Michelle is busy planning events and visiting veterans families, they occasionally squeeze in a moment for pop culture. A Washington Betty source recently dished that the girls are very into Tyra’s show, America’s Next Top Model.

The show is a favorite in the new White House. Sasha and Malia watch America’s Next Top Model with supermom, Michelle. The girls know some of the sayings and love to practice their runway moves. My source confirms that Michelle is a big fan of Jay “Miss Jay” Alexander and that even though they don’t have much time for television these days, Tyra is always on their list.

Sasha and Malia really are just like the rest of us…a jungle gym, sleepovers and now America’s Next Top Model! When will the Jonas Brothers be hiding in my closet?

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0 thoughts on “Malia and Sasha Love Tyra Banks

  1. alterego says:

    Part of me thinks this is cute — but the other part of me wonders if that’s really an appropriate show for a little girl — isn’t Sasha only 7? Michelle has her work cut out for her keeping the girls grounded!

  2. joseph says:

    Tyra is definitely the talk show princess – that’s so funny and adorable that the First daughters look up to her!

  3. ellen says:

    they should be watching american idol. yeah dawg!

  4. needcoffee says:

    yeah, it’s not the most wholesome show. I’m surprised they’re allowed to watch

  5. edgeworth says:

    I’m so surprised by this–it seems too superficial for Michelle to allow her kids to watch. I suppose, though, that they are kids after all.

  6. CaliGal says:

    I love ANTM as well! While the show is about as campy as you can get, it is totally addicting!

  7. K S says:

    Those poor girls have been “getting ready for their new pup” since early November at the latest. I guess they’re learning patience.

  8. jessicarichelle says:

    i think that is great – and I think Tyra is a an appropriate role model herself and promotes realistic body images and self-esteem!

  9. Julie says:

    mmm, i don’t know if many of those models have “realistic body images”. Have you SEEN the girls on this season? besides the one token plus size girl each season, they are thin, thin and thinner.

  10. jessicarichelle says:

    yes true about the models- I was more so thinking of Tyra standing up to the media when she criticized for her being “fat”

  11. LISHY says:

    Cool sightings! Always someone cool wandering around in NYC!

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