Mariah Carey's 8 Craziest Moments

As the pop diva releases her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, we look at the highs and lows of her divalicious life
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5. Her outlandish demands

Mariah Carey crazy requests

Hands up if you’d like to have the superfun job of throwing out Mariah’s already-been-chewed gum when she spits it into your hand (she reportedly requires a personal assistant for this task alone – she can’t possibly throw it out herself!). Or perhaps you’d like to be the one who has to go shopping to fill Mariah’s dressing room with all of her essential requests: Cristal champagne, one box of bendy straws, tea service for eight, two air purifiers, one Honey Bear pack of honey, a box of puppies and kittens

Emancipation of Mimi6. Her alter-ego, Mimi
When Mariah released her 10th studio album in 2005, The Emancipation of Mimi, we were all a little confused. Who was Mimi? “”It’s not like Mimi is some alter ego or character,” Mariah told MTV News, “but really more the true person as opposed to the celebrity. It’s a very personal nickname. Only people who are really close to me use it.”

 Mariah Carey7. Her need to dress like a teen (and marry a younger man)
She may have just turned 40 this year, but that doesn’t stop this pop star from trying to remain forever young. Last year, she married actor, Nick Cannon, 11 years her junior, in a lavish ceremony on April 30, 2008 in the Bahamas. Maybe she believes in the Demi Moore philosophy that you’re only as old as the man that you’re sleeping with…

But that’s not where her young-at-heart attitude ends. Have you taken a close look at her wardrobe? Mariah always makes sure that her hemline just covers her derriere and that her girls are always pushed up high to say hello. She once told Marie Claire that she loves to wear, “anything skimpy – which people give me such a hard time about. But I see it as playing dress-up, like Barbies.” Tell us, Mariah, do you think a time will come when you’re too old to be playing with dolls?

Mariah Carey loves Hello Kitty

8. Her bizarre obsessions
If you know Mariah, you know she has a crazy obsession with butterflies – they appear on everything she touches, such as her albums, music videos, her house, and her clothing.  She even named her 1997 album Butterfly, and was once quoted as saying, “butterflies are always following me, everywhere I go.” Are you sure you’re not just tripping, Mariah?

But butterflies aren’t the only things that Mariah obsesses over – she also loves Hello Kitty, and has an entire bathroom in her home dedicated to the Sanrio character. Even the toilet has the iconic Hello Kitty face plastered on it (and if you check out the MTV Cribs video above, you can spot more Hello Kitty merchandise, like a hair dryer and T-shirts). 

Mariah Carey and her dog Jack RussellMariah is unashamed of her love for Hello Kitty, just like she is about her Russell terrier, Jack Russell. (Nick bought her another one named Cha-Cha for their one-year anniversary, but Jack remains number one in her heart.)

When Glamour magazine asked her, Do you believe there is such a thing as sustainable love? she answered, “With a human being I don’t know, but definitely with a pet.” She loves little Jack so much that she has had her driver, Tom, chauffeur him across America in her Mercedes as she flies first class through the skies. Are we the only ones with a suspicion that that dog has a better life than we do?

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  1. She’s come a long, long way … You could only expect odd behavior and happenings from her. Haha. I really can’t believe she has someone just to throw out her gum! That’s a little extreme!

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