Martha Beck Gets You Back to Work

Job search wisdom from Martha, plus a special offer for BettyConfidential readers

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Martha Beck Gets You Back to Work

Job search wisdom from Martha, plus a special offer for readers

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The headlines tell the story: “Unemployment Rises,” “No Sector Untouched,” “Executives Downsized.” The nation’s jobless rate — 7.2 percent — is the highest it’s been in 16 years. Finding a job right now, in this economy, can be tough, especially for a mid-career executive who is highly skilled and highly paid.

Michele WoodwardTo the rescue: Betty’s own Career Coach, Michele Woodward, and her fellow Master Coach Christina Brandt have built The Results Club, an eight-week web-based support program for professionals in the midst of a job search.  See below for a discount for Betty readers!

The first web-only session of The Results Club, on Wednesday, January 28, at 3 p.m. (EST), features author and O, The Oprah Magazine columnist Martha Beck.

Betty sat down with Martha to ask a few crucial questions about looking for a job today.

Martha BeckBettyConfidential: What’s one thing every job seeker needs to know?

Martha Beck: Employers are not interested in making your dreams come true: They are interested in making their dreams come true. Don’t go into a job interview by telling people what you have always wanted to do for yourself; they’ll see you as an entrepreneur rather than a potential member of their team. While this information is vital to you, it’s totally irrelevant to them. Always think of how you can serve your customer or your employer, not the other way around. Then offer people real value and watch how fast they help you make your own dreams come true (even though they don’t know it).

BC: How can someone reinvent their career after a layoff? Is it even possible?

MB: No, it is not possible; I recommend a painless suicide. OF COURSE IT IS POSSIBLE! A layoff is simply another catalytic life event. After allowing yourself to have a meltdown over the loss of career identity (square one), you should make note of your dreams as they rise from the ashes (they will). Then, once your dreams have turned into schemes, it’s time to take action.

BC: In Finding Your Own North Star, you talk about getting into alignment with your passions and strengths–your essential self. For someone who is out of a job and feeling that her back is against the wall, is aligning with your North Star a must-have or a “nice to have”?

MB: Absolutely, it’s a must-have! I am not saying you have to realize all your dreams when your back is against the wall, but when you have nothing to lose, know that this is the best time for setting your sights toward genuine happiness. You many not travel the path you want to arrive at your ultimate goals, but you must, must, must have the direction clear and the destination pinpointed or you will simply wander in the direction that circumstances take you.

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