Mean Betty: Being Famous Is Bad for Your Body

From Heidi Montag to Kim Kardashian - Mean Betty is concerned about our celebrities and their poor bodies.
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Mean Betty: Being Famous Is Bad for Your Body

From Heidi Montag to Kim Kardashian – Mean Betty is concerned about our celebrities and their poor bodies.

-Mean Betty

 Heidi Montag bikini

As Mean Betty was catching up on the weekend news and gossip out of Tinseltown, Mean Betty found herself experiences a curious emotion. Part horror, part pity, and part relief – is there an expression for that, darlings? Oh yes – it’s called “reading about celebrities and being glad one is not famous.” (Loose translation).

Seriously kittens – the trainwrecks popping up in celebrity-land everywhere are just too too. It almost puts one off one’s morning latte!

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Heidi Montag Makes Mean Betty Sad

 Heidi Montag bikini

First we have poor Heidi Montag in a bikini. It’s almost unfair to make fun of her – Mean Betty would never make fun of a mentally or physically handicapped person. And Heidi is clearly both. HOWEVER … she brought her painful-looking deformity on herself! Doesn’t she look so uncomfortable here in her teeny weeny bikini and her giant balloon boobs? The look on her face – as if she should be having fun but can barely manage to stand upright – why it almost makes Mean Betty fell sorry for her.

Heidi Montag


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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Being Famous Is Bad for Your Body

  1. I dont think that can even be considered butt “crack”, thats just BUTT. I have to say, at least Kim isnt 100% fake like Heidi, Oh my goodness she looks severely deformed, how does she think that is attractive?!

  2. Heidi looks very cartoonish, like Lil Kim. In other words, incredibly fake. I’m pretty sure Tori Spelling is an alien and now she looks like a malnourished alien. Ick! Someone should just shoot Amy Winehouse out of her misery and Kim K.? Uh…you’d think with all that money (and owning a clothing store), she would be able to find some bikini bottoms that cover her freakishly large a$$. Does Apple Bottom Jeans have a swimsuit line?

  3. I’ve never seen such a preoccupation with artificiality, and it’s not just Montag. These women are setting terrible examples for young girls and adult women, the latter of whom should know better. These breast jobs are going to be found to be killers in the end, but all the celebrities who get them are only thinking about NOW, NOW, NOW. If they really had anything to offer besides deliberate deformity, they’d be doing it. Notoriety is not the same as fame. Who in their right mind would want to be remembered for breast implants?

  4. “I LOVE Kim K… she’s sooo sexy!”

    The photo of her shopping, without the artificiality of makeup and hair weaves and bikinis that show most of her abnormal butt, prove she’s really about as sexy as a wet mop, her face being just slightly better than outright ugly.

    Spelling is outright ugly, and emulating a stick figure won’t change that. Her husband obviously doesn’t care what happens to her health.

    Maybe Winehouse’s breast implant troubles will convince her that her remarkable singing voice, many cuts above the likes of Beyonce and Gaga, is her best asset, and propel her back into the studio to make more great albums. Let’s hope so.

  5. “Women of Hollywood! There is more to you than your poor abused, starved, deformed and over-exposed bodies!”
    Maybe, but not much. Certainly not for this set.
    And why in the world would I want to “get this look?” The irony of that in a Mean Betty article is so sad.

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