Mean Betty: Celebrities Cause Earthquakes!

Finally a sensible explanation for the earth-shaking in California.
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Betty White

Betty White – don’t you know you’re about to cause at least a 6.2 with that hot dog?

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Following the line of “logic” Mean Betty is pretty certain we have an explanation for the Icelandic volcano sewing ash across the sky …

Kim Kardashian

Truly pets, just look at that picture! Is Kim not obviously “tempting” men to “go astray” – while at the same time performing some kind of kitten black magic voodoo? Cover the Kardashians! Or the end of the world is nigh!

Sigh. Oh, darlings, it’s fun to start out the day with a good laugh, isn’t it?


Mean Betty

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5 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Celebrities Cause Earthquakes!

  1. Haha, whooaaa! What is Betty White doing? She’s so funny. And even though Megan Fox is trying way too hard in that photo, I have to admit, she really is beautiful. And I love the color of her top.

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