Mean Betty Gives Thanks

The eight celebrities for whom Mean Betty is most thankful this year.
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Mean Betty Gives Thanks

The eight celebrities for whom Mean Betty is most thankful this year.

-Mean Betty

Jon Gosselin

Happy Thanksgiving, darling pets! Mean Betty has so much to be thankful for … namely, those celebrities who – even though Christmas isn’t even here yet – are just the gifts that keep on giving. As a salute to this special time of year when we must all take stock of the important things in life, Mean Betty presents this list of the dear celebs who really go above and beyond to bring amusement and delight into our lives…

1. Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin

By a close margin, Mean Betty awards Jon Gosselin the coveted top spot on this list – edging out even Octomom! From his trashy younger girlfriends to his pot belly to his fun-filled antics with hic children (Look mom, no helmets!) … why Mean Betty doesn’t even know where to begin. Mean Betty looks forward to ever more ridiculousness from this man-child/father of eight.

2. Octomom


Just when one thinks Nadya Suleman might be fading a bit from the spotlight, she goes and declares something delightful like, oh, that she’s open to the idea of having more children. Fabulous! And that indeed is why Mean Betty loves her. And simply cannot wait for the Octomentary to air in December.  If you saw the Good Morning America clip this week, then you must be thinking the same thing as Mean Betty: More kids throwing screwdrivers!  

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3. Brangelina

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The babies, the drama, the woman scorned, the multiple tabloid-covers, the weird beaded beard … could a pair of celebrities be any more diverting?

4. Levi Johnston

Levi Johnston

We must always give thanks for Sarah Palin, no matter what our political affiliations, for without Sarah Palin there could be no Levi “Armpits” Johnston, and that, dear pets, would be a tragedy indeed.

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