Mean Betty: Jon Gosselin Wants What?

So Daddy Gosselin wants full custody of the kids. Isn't that fascinating?

Mean Betty: Jon Gosselin Wants What?

So Daddy Gosselin wants full custody of the kids. Isn’t that fascinating?

-Mean Betty

 Jon Gosselin

Oh, darlings, how sweet! Jon Gosselin is so devoted and dedicated to his children that he suddenly decided he wants full custody of them! Isn’t that heartwarming? Mean Betty is sure this has nothing to do with this report from RadarOnline  that he’s BROKE.

He’s just really, really – ALL OF A SUDDEN – worried about his babies.

And why the sudden concern? Jon claims that Kate’s been neglecting their brood while she’s off earning a living on Dancing With the Stars.

He’s sure to win over lots of single working mom fans with that one!

So, though heretofore he’s been too busy dating a string of trashy young women and fixing up his NYC “bachelor pad,” Jon is apparently going to sue for custody. Oh – and, of course – child support.

Jon Gosselin’s new shark lawyer, Anthony List, says, “Without a doubt, [Kate’s] an absentee parent.” He plans to file papers in Berks County Court in Pennsylvania this week to reopen the Gosselins’ divorce settlement, which gave Kate primary custody and saddled Jon with a monthly child support payment of $21,000.

List calls the child support arrangement “horrific” given Kate’s earning capacity.

Well yes, she does appear to have an “earning capacity” far greater than Jon – because usually one has to have a JOB in order to earn money! So funny how that works, right, kittens?

This delightful lawyer continues, “If she’s truly committed and dedicated to these children, as I believe she is, then she should open her eyes and see what’s happening to these children. Their life is topsy-turvy. Jon can give them stability.”

Quite so! Jon is if nothing else a paragon of stability!

What a joke. Grow up, Mr. Gosselin. Get a job, step out of the spotlight, and spend time with your children that doesn’t involve dragging their mother through yet another disruptive public battle.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Jon Gosselin Wants What?

  1. When I would catch their show I used to think “Poor Jon”. The way she spoke to him was like he was a child and a stupid child at that. I have come to realize that she was right – He is a stupid child.

  2. OMG Jon! How can you even consider yourself a “Good Father,and Role Model?” Don’t you think your children are watching,listening,and seeing your horrific behavior? At least their Mother is working,and not running around with a bunch of sleaze balls! GET A JOB!Oh,I forgot”Do you even have a Trade?” Leave Kate alone,and “Pay for your part of making those children!” It wasn’t just her decision to have them! GET A LIFE!

  3. GROW UP JON!!! Because one has children they cannot have some sort of life for themselves. Kate has to dance. More importantly the right to be happy. She is a good mom. I listen to her children’s comments when they are with her and the children are happy! Jon is a child in an adult body. He is the kid who wants the candy. Jon needs to get his act together, to grow up. Do any of you out there stop your lives because you have children? No! We do everything we can to give them a good life and raise them to be the best they can be. If we give up our lives for our children to put it bluntly we will crack. All work and no play …. We have to give ourselves a good life. The media gets all you people pumped up to shoot of your mouths without using your heads. I am sure most of these comments are coming from air heads!!!!! In fact this women was raising nine children and the oldest needs to get on board. He is making a rod for his own ass because of his actions. Get over yourself! You are an upset kid because you want what you want now! Jon said, “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” wa wa wa Grow up Jon. Get your act together. Stop going against Kate and work with her for the sake of the family. You can be separated and still be good parents. Kate is a good parent! Kate is supporting her children! People Do Not beat her up because you do not like her personality. There but for the grace of God go I…………………..

  4. Kate’s lawyer has proof that Jon spent less time with the children than Kate did, as he was couch surfing on his 23 year old girlfriends rich parents couch in Santa Barbara and couldn’t be bothered to make his visits with the kids. He wants to be paid more by TLC to let the kids be filmed (so he is still famous, he wants back on the show, TLC told him to pound sand) but signed away that right when the arbitrator ruled against Jon. He thought he was famous, that people were interested in him. Not.So.Much. So he’s homeless and wants to live in the garage apartment WITH Kate, rather than on his brother’s couch – after he couldn’t pay the rent on the NYC apartment. He’s a dope, a douche and wants to make money off the kids like a pimp.

    It always makes me pity Kate that she will never be rid of the leech known as Jon. I think he’s already starting to short her on Child Support payments. He’s just a dirty, fat, unaccomplished, lazy, groady middle-aged man who likes really young girls. He’s never going away. Poor Kate. Even a bitch deserves a break where Jon is concerned.

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