Mean Betty's Open Letter to Taylor Swift

10 reasons why Taylor Swift should stay away from John Mayer.
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Mean Betty’s Open Letter to Taylor Swift

10 reasons why Taylor Swift should stay away from John Mayer.

-Mean Betty

Taylor Swift

Dear sweet little Taylor Swift,

It is with growing distress that Mean Betty keeps reading about you and John Mayer being spotted together. Ever since he appeared on Ellen with that ridiculous reindeer sweater and talked about how fun it was to work with you, Mean Betty has been suspicious. When you and Taylor what’s-his-name (the guy with the abs from Twilight?) broke up, Mean Betty got even more worried. And now is proclaiming that they’ve spotted you together twice in one week. 

Why, it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion! Don’t do it Taylor! Noooooooooo!!

Taylor Swift John Mayer

Forgive. Mean Betty got a little carried away. But please Taylor, listen to Mean Betty. Mean Betty knows best.

Here are 10 reasons to stay away from John Mayer at all costs:

1. The man is a self-professed “A–hole.”  Listen, dear, a little life lesson: When a man says he’s an a–hole, believe him.

2. You run the risk as heretofore being referred to as John Mayer’s “Joshua Tree of Vaginas.” He claims in his latest Rolling Stone interview that that is indeed what he’s searching for. Tell Mean Betty … is that really how you want to be known? No.

3. All of Twitter will know the intimate details of your “love” life. John Mayer is a man with no filter and nearly 3 million followers (2,986,573 at last count). That’s not a good combination.

In fact – you can just look to his Twitter account for further proof of his unworthiness– he Tweeted on January 22: “I’m a douchebag, if you could empty one and fill it with Jack Daniels, Smarties and daydreams.” (See life lesson in point #1.)

Read Mean Betty on the Terrible Taylor Momsens

4. This is the man who broke up with Jennifer Aniston and then indulged in a public relationship postmortem to the paparazzi. Please Taylor, forgive Mean Betty, but it’s called TOUGH LOVE: You must now watch this … and imagine he’s talking about YOU instead of Jen:


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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty's Open Letter to Taylor Swift

  1. pepper56 says:

    AGREED, Mean Betty! Taylor – please stay away from the creepy, weird, unattractive loser known as John Mayer. I really really really hope that you come to your senses!

  2. livetogossip says:

    Taylor, you should run back to Taylor Lautner. He is a sweetie. The antithesis of John Mayer.

  3. moonshadow43 says:

    Taylor you are so young and beautiful! You have your whole life ahead of you and like I tell my own daughter you need to date and enjoy every moment not getting serious with any 1 guy! Now, Like I tell all my kids (3 boys and 2 girls) Don’t get married till you are at least 30!!! Then when you do get married it should be bigger than Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s!! We love you Taylor, keep up the good work!

  4. Ldr223 says:

    Hi, I agree with you Mean Betty but you should added about the age difference between Taylor and John too. Taylor is 20 and John is 32 too. I think she is too young to date John at all and John give you some free advice if you read this go find someone closer to your age and don’t go after someone so young too. Taylor you can find a better guy than John. At least Taylor Lautner was better suited for you and more closer to your age too plus you made a cute couple too. I still love Taylor. I just hope her and John are not hooking up just say we are friends only and nothing going on between you two too.

  5. fdlynch says:

    She could so do better than John…I mean eww, Taylor you’re far to pretty and smart for that!

  6. FTKNOX says:


  7. coedlady says:

    Taylor: We are all attracted to “bad boys” in our younger days…but this is one you should really pass up. His track record stinks and you will NOT change him!

  8. OLDBOYKNOWS1 says:

    Taylor…J mayer is a User and a Loser he’s like T woods but single needs more then one at a time. stay away

  9. INSENSITIVE2010 says:


  10. MikeTheTiger says:

    It was this loser’s tour bus that dumped sewege through a bridge onto a boatload of people. They considered this a joke and thought they wouldn’t get caught. But cell phones determined otherwise. Taylor, is this the type of company you need? He will play Mr. Innocent, but he is the ring leader. Everything is going your way, but you will let a relationship with this ugly, trashy freak of music ruin your career. You WILL be sorry when it all plays out. Shame.

  11. taliaware says:

    OK WTF? First, they have been seen together because they recorded a song together for his album…its called song promotion. Second, he may have a crap track record with relationships (judge not least u be judged urself people) but he is a brilliant and talented, award winning musician. He has the respect of the music community and in their eyes it does not hurt to be seen with him..not everything is romantic people….

  12. taliaware says:

    Oh and Mike the Tiger…it was the Dave Matthews Bands bus that dumped the sewage…facts guys facts…

  13. LissaL says:

    Wholehearted agree! Hope Taylor is a fan of Betty Confidential and takes your advice.

  14. hickcrazy1 says:

    Taylor and JM probably deserve one another – they really are such egocentrics that what one or the other does won’t mean much to the other partner unless it messes up a hairdo or cuts off a camera angle. He’ll talk about her and she’ll sing about him.

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