Mean Betty: Poor Naomi Campbell!

What does a supermodel have to do to find good help these days?

Mean Betty: Poor Naomi Campbell!

What does a supermodel have to do to find good help these days?

-Mean Betty

Naomi Campbell

Have you heard the news, kittens? There’s a supermodel-hunt on! Wanted: One 6-foot tall gorgeous glamazon with a gleam in her eye and a bruise on her knuckles. Police were searching for the feisty model after she attacked her limo driver and fled into the streets of midtown when he called the cops.

According to NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, Ms. Campbell struck Miodrag Mejdina, her 27-year-old limo driver “in the back of the head or neck while he was driving, causing him to hit his head on the steering wheel.” He reportedly “suffered bruising and swelling under an eye and was treated by the Emergency Medical Service at the 17th Precinct stationhouse.”

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That must have been some blow! Wonder what he did to deserve it? Surely it just can’t be that Naomi foolishly and needlessly lost her temper, can it??! After all, she completed all those anger management classes! And let us not forget all that rehabilitating community service she’s done — 200 hours after those grouchy old Heathrow policemen arrested her after her venomous airport temper tantrum / brawl, and another five days cleaning the streets of good old NYC after she assaulted her maid.

Let us pause here for a priceless visual image of Naomi dressed for “work”:

Naomi Campbell community service

The limo driver, obviously because he knows he was in the wrong – he probably breathed too loudly or something other hideous offense that no pampered, jet-setting millionaire model should have to put up with – is declining to press charges. But officials still want a chat with the persecuted prima donna; the New York Daily News reports: “Police were combing the city for the 39-year-old catwalk diva, last seen wearing a black designer coat and running through the bustling streets of midtown.”

Isn’t it hard to run in eight-inch stilettos? Wonder what designer she was wearing? Lady Gaga?

Sigh. The poor dear has suffered so much in the past with her incompetent staffers and foolish minions. Remember, Naomi has been forced not once but twice (that we know of) to hurl her crystal-studded cell phone at a nincompoop servants of some sort or other. When will the world finally stand up and pay attention to this crisis – good help is so hard to find!

In the meantime, Mean Betty has two final thoughts. (But don’t tell Naomi she said this!)

Thanks goodness Naomi doesn’t have any children, non?

And …

Is it possible to register a supermodel as a lethal weapon?


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  1. You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. This hood rat needs a taste of her own medicine. It’s not hard to see that Naomi’s driver would prefer to keep his job than to press charges against this primitive sub-human. It would have been more profitable to sue her but I guess he dosn’t know that. I pray right here and now that she meets her match and that the next time she assaults someone that she will get it back threefold. Come on, she’s a woman in her 40’s, can’t she find a more intelligent way to express herself??

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