Mean Betty on Posh Spice, Ugly Betty, Vanessa Hudgens and More

Mean Betty on Posh Spice, Ugly Betty, Vanessa Hudgens and More - the celebrity week in review
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Vanessa Hudgens Naked Again

Poor dear, sweet Vanessa Hudgens. Obviously no one has explained to her yet that her cell phone is also a camera!

Vanessa Hudgens

Surely that’s the problem, right? The explanation for yet another batch of fodder for “nude Vanessa Hudgens” Googlers? Mean Betty agrees it’s most difficult to keep up with these modern technologies, but perhaps someone, like, oh, say, her mother, a friendly Disney exec, or even young Zac Efron, could take innocent Vanessa aside and explain the Internet?

Sharon Stone Goes Native

Zut Alors! Sharon Stone, age 51, has trotted her perfectly fake tatas out onto the cover of Paris Match. The poor old dear appears to have whipped herself into superhuman shape — or is that just a clever Photoshop job involving beaucoup airbrushing and a Dominatrix Barbie? A topless corset and platform stilettos … mon dieu! Perhaps, having given up vying for attention here in the States, she’s trying to catch Nicolas Sarkozy’s wandering eye now that Carla’s gone all demure and Jackie-Michelle O on us.

Mean Betty notices that at least Sharon’s giving herself a facelift the old fashioned way – just place hands on side of face and pull!

Sharon Stone Paris Match

No Chip off the Old Block

Cameron DouglasSpeaking of Base Instincts, mes cheries, Mean Betty has a question for you: Why Are Children of Celebrities So Often Such Idiots?

Michael Douglas’s son Cameron is allegedly a great big crystal meth dealer . DEA agents have been working on busting him for three years and apparently their trouble paid off when they caught him having the following conversation with one of his customers:

Buyer: “The bath salts are fabulous! Thank you so much.”
Douglas: “Yeah, I thought you would like them my friend … I was so excited for you to take a bath and see for yourself.”

Wouldn’t you just love to know if the “bather” was anyone we know? Wonder if Tatum O’Neil was in the area …

By all accounts Cameron is looking at a very long time in jail. That is of course unless Daddy Douglas pulls out his magical Hollywood Get Out of Jail Free card.

Mean Betty can understand how frustrating it must have been for Cameron to miss out in the genetic crap shoot, looks-wise, but really, is a life of crime the solution? Couldn’t he just have enjoyed lounging about on Daddy’s Bermuda estate and ogling his minx-like stepmother?


Well darlings, certainly was a week of winners this time! Mean Betty is off now to bask in the sun. À bientôt!


Mean Betty

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  1. i feel bad for vanessa hudgens, if she really did it when she was younger. she had no idea how big HSM would be or that anyone would care if she took these photos and everyone acts like it’s the worst thing in the world. Hello, a lot of celebrities show more then that posing for mens magazines.

  2. Spice Girls were not a one-hit-wonder. To be a one-hit-wonder requires only having 1 hit single. They had: Wannabe, 2 become 1, Say You’ll be There, Mama, Spice Up Your Life, Too Much… all of these, not to mention their huge cultural impact! Do I really have to go on?

    Mean Betty, please consider changing your name to Idiot Betty, Retarded Betty, Misinformed Betty, Judgemental Betty, or my personal favorite, Dumb-ass Betty.

    Bitchy BlackCat

  3. Shut up BlackCat. If you don’t like Betty, leave. We love her, and that’s why we read her. You don’t to come on here and post crap about what she writes. You, however, need to watch the crap you say. Do you have to go on? No. You can go away.

    IdiotCat, RetardedFeline, MisinformedPussy, JudgementalTabby, or my personal favorite, Dumb-ass Bitch.

    Don’t Hate

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