Mean Betty's Top 5 Worst Celebrity Moms

Mean Betty dishes on the top 5 worst celebrity moms.

Mean Betty

Mean Betty’s Top 5 Worst Celebrity Moms

A special Mother’s Day salute

-Mean Betty

Denise RichardsWell, my dears, you’ve surely already seen BettyConfidential’s Yummy Mommies slideshow … wasn’t that just the sweeeetest thing? Now, Mean Betty thought it would be fun to take a looksie at the other side of the coin … those celebrity mothers that strike horror into the heart, and make us all grateful for our own mothers, however wacked-out they may be. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mean Betty is Eternally Grateful NOT to Be to the Child of:

Denise Richards, Publicity Whore

Mean Betty isn’t giving Charlie Sheen any credit here – it takes two to tango and the media display this pair made over their nasty 2007 divorce and custody battle truly was an awesome, popcorn-worthy spectacle. However, Denise takes the Mommy Dearest routine to the limit with her insistence on dragging her daughters into the “reality” limelight. Mean Betty is as addicted to celebrity train wrecks as much as the next girl, but this is one show Mean Betty has refused to watch. However, a brief visit to the Web site makes Mean Betty wonder … has Mean Betty been missing out? Might it be amusing to watch as Denise Richards‘ nephews discover the issue of Playboy featuring their notorious aunt? Hmmmm.

Regardless, as all mothers know, at the very, very least, it is paramount to NOT embarrass your poor children in public. Ladies and gentlemen … Exhibit A:

Dina Lohan, “Momager” from Hell

Dina and Lindsay LohanPublicity-seeking, George Clooney-crushing, vicarious-living “Momager” Dina Lohan truly gives new credence to the negative connotations of “stage mother.” Don’t you agree? Everyone knows the Hollywood/Disney machine is nothing but a glamorous sort of puppy mill for trashy, washed-up fallen pop princesses – a girl needs a stable, secure, SANE mother to help her navigate through those perilous waters. Unfortunately for Lindsay Lohan, that is.

Britney “My Whole Life Is One Big Circus” Spears

Britney SpearsOk, yes, yes, Mean Betty knows … it’s not really nice to kick a girl when she’s down-up-down-up-down-up … wait – is she up now or down? Mean Betty has lost track. Is anybody else dizzy? Whatever rung of the ladder Brit-Brit is currently clinging to by her acrylic nails, the fact of the matter is – she may be wearing her (big-girl) panties these days, but that’s not saying much when it comes to motherhood.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Kidding! Haha. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, pets.

“Real” Housewife Alex McCord

Alex McCordOh, my dears, Mean Betty has to tell you about the funniest thing. Recently Mean Betty received a press release extolling Alex McCord‘s book on … wait for it … PARENTING! Isn’t that too rich? It’s not that Mean Betty faults her for having out-of-control children … oh, wait, yes it is. But really, it’s that she has the audacity to write a book giving other parents advice when her children clearly belong in a zoo. And letting her husband, Simon, walk around dressing as he does (did you, per chance, have the pleasure of seeing the sparkly red pleather leggings he sported this week?) is most definitely going to do some permanent damage to their sons. Finally, Mean Betty is not so sure that the plethora of her nude photos showing up everywhere is going to do them a whole lot of good either.

And, finally, of course … it’s too easy … but it must be said …

Octomom, Poster Mother of Doom

OctomomOne doesn’t like to be obvious, but … really. Nadya Suleman is a shining example – no, make that warning – of all that can go wrong when the accessible, incredible medical technology we have today collides with our celebrity-obsessed “reality” culture. Or … to put it another way … some people should be barred from the fertility specialist’s office. With her stripper past, her tête à têtes with Mr. Smarmy Dr. Phil, her brushes with child-protective services, her feud with Gloria Allred, her straight-to-video white-trash arguments with Octo-granny, her NEW TATTOO … honestly, is there some kind of unique Mother of the Year award we can bestow upon her?

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty's Top 5 Worst Celebrity Moms

  1. I don’t understand how Alex McCord’s hubby is OK with the topless pix. I would never be cool with people oogling my significant other.

  2. Britney doesn’t belong on this list. She didn’t even fight when she felt being with their father and out of the lime light was best for her boys at her worst hour, when by all means she could have been completely selfish and dragged them through a lengthy court battle. Judging someone and calling them a ‘bad mother’ is just people’s way of saying “Oh well so I guess forgetting little Johnny’s dentist appt last week wasn’t so bad next to that woman’s behavior”. Who are you to judge? You’re not them, you do not walk in their shoes.

  3. Oh, PLEASE. Are we back in the Middle Ages where it was a sin for a women to show off an ankle or a wrist? She is a beautiful, successful, confidant woman who doesn’t give a rip what others might “think”. Too bad some people are so threatened by women like us!

    Any man who doesn’t want someone “else” ogling HIS *property* (cue the sound of knuckles dragging) is completely and totally inferior about his ability to keep such a jewel.

    2009, and we still expect women to not celebrate their femininity and keep all the goods under yards of burlap and a bucket of ashes.


  4. Hollywood ought to be banned from reproduction unless perspective parents prove themselves to be capable of staying out of trouble for at least 3 years (and really, so should the rest of the world!)

  5. alright, i didn’t read all of the comments until after I posted my first one(missed the “next page part”) and fyi, we’re NOT in the middle ages where women are property and can’t show off a little ankle or leg. Key word being little. Feel free to show it off a bit if you want, but be modest about it (and this goes for ANYONE, with our without children or s.o….this society has gotten WAY too “look at me and my assets!”) Children should not be getting an anatomy lesson from their parents who are showing it off all over the world! since when is that appropriate? There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful women (or man) and nothing wrong with admiring that. But if you have a significant other, it is just downright disrespectful to your s.o. to be oggling someone else. And as for you bathory313, bit vain are we? No one said anything about property…paranoid much?

  6. I truly did laugh through this, and I scrolled down and saw Michelle O, I just gasped in a complete “Oh no you didn’t”.

    Great, that was fantastic

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