Mean Betty: Why Elin Can't Go Back to Tiger!

10 Reasons Elin simply must not forgive Tiger Woods. For reals.
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Mean Betty: Why Elin Can’t Go Back to Tiger!

10 Reasons Elin simply must not forgive Tiger Woods. For reals.

-Mean Betty

Elin Woods

Kittens. Mean Betty knows Mean Betty is often funny (hilarious even!) and tends to make lots of jokes (the celebs, they just set themselves up for it) but about today’s topic Mean Betty is dead serious. Mean Betty just had a perfectly good latte ruined whilst reading about the current Vanity Fair expose of Tiger Woods, his transgressions and his tramps… and darlings, Elin Woods simply must NOT take this man back. He makes poor old John Edwards look like an absolute saint. Jesse James? A mere dilettante. (Side note: Jesse has apparently checked into “sex addiction rehab” – what a surprise.)

Tiger though – if even half the details in the VF article are true, then he is just beyond the beyond and Elin simply HAS to walk away from him. Here are 10 reasons why (as if she needed any more):

Tiger Woods Vanity Fair

1. There are “arty” naked photos of his “women” in Vanity Fair. This is something no wife should have to bear.

2. EVERYONE KNEW! Despite saying otherwise and making it seem like he carried on his cheating shrouded in secrecy, Tiger enlisted help in making his “meetings” from a wide circle of people, all of whom knew Elin. Woods’s mistress, lingerie model Jamie Jungers says, “Every time I would fly out to see [Tiger] or schedule itineraries or anything, I would always go through Bryon [Bell],” Woods’s childhood friend and the president of Tiger Woods Design.

Read Mean Betty on Jesse James

3. There is an anecdote involving pre-match sex with this woman:

Mindy Lawton Vanity Fair

… a tampon, and a parking lot. You can go find it for yourself – like a gory little Easter egg hunt!

Truly, this alone should be reason enough for divorce court.

4. Speaking of waitress Mindy Lawton, of the tampon incident above, his first hook-up with her took place IN HIS FAMILY HOME, in the kitchen. The New York Post  has a copy of the magazine, and reports that Lawton reveals Tiger was “unbuttoning [my blouse] as he was kissing,” adding that they ended up naked on his kitchen floor amid “fine porcelain tile and brushed stainless-steel appliances.”

5. And a last note on Mindy Lawton … Tiger first met her while dining with Elin.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Why Elin Can't Go Back to Tiger!

  1. Gross! We can only hope that Elin is staying, for the moment, to fulfill some kind of pre-nup clause and that she will head for the hills when she is able to do so.

  2. What a p-i-g. I can’t understand how anyone with an ounce of self respect could bear to stay with him, especially with all these shameless women flaunting themselves. Why aren’t they embarrassed??

  3. The only reason he’s sorry is because he got caught. Same with Jesse James. While I believe in forgiveness, I don’t believe forgiving means having to subject yourself to more abuse. That’s what Tiger did to Elin. It is emotional abuse. If she wants to forgive him, fine, but she still needs to leave for her own, and their children’s sake. Maybe when he’s faced with losing it all it’ll really sink in what happens when you screw with karma.

  4. Once a cheat always a cheat. Wise up and get the hell out as soon as possible. You will never trust or believe him again. A trust once broken can never be mended.

    He is a pig!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. All of these women show is that if a man is famous there is a social strata that will sleep with them, married or not. They just want to be around someone famous with money, eventually miss period sex in a church parking lot will need a car repair or will have snorted up her rent and then they go to their famous “boyfriends” and it’s like blackmail. The men are just so stupid thinking that if they bed low class losers, even if they are pretty, eventually a low class loser will sell them out. It’s so obvious a child should have seen what happened to Tiger and Jesse coming. Loser women with low paying jobs, who gladly service them in private, at least Tiger had a hotel room for them, Jesse’s got to do him on an old couch in a office after hours. On some level they must have felt so used and angry and when the money didn’t come, the way out for them was to sell their stories, or like Rachael Uchitel, just flat out get a lawyer to negotiate your sex for money fee after the fact. Hookers, whores, strippers, escorts, “fetish” models, and all of them broke, they don’t care if they hurt someone’s family, because they are broken women with no self worth or actual worth anyway.

  6. Get over it. Are you really telling me she knew NOTHING? Please……..She was simply smart enough to set up the perfect getaway. Trust me, she does not need your advice! As far as Tiger goes, the player simply got played.

  7. When can we just adopt the European approach to these very natural events? Rich and famous men will take on mistresses because they can. Why does this always have to end in divorce? Many married couples continue to have happy and successful marriages for the rest of their lives regardless of mistresses.

  8. It is being said that the reason Elin hasn’t left this low-life is because she is four months pregnant. I agree with you, Mean Betty, all the MORE reason for her to leave. Tiger has shown that he has no regard for his wife and children in choosing to cheat. He has endangered the health and welfare of his wife in having unprotected sex with these tramps. Elin, do you want to teach your kids that it’s OK to live with an unfaithful lech??

  9. OMG… today it’s a Vanity Fair story, tomorrow it will be another tabloid, and then next week the bimbo’s will be going on tour from city to city with the exploits of Tiger Woods! Well you know what, enough is enough! Was it wrong? Absolutely, without question.
    But just exactly how much more do we have to crucify this guy and his family? He has been globally humiliated enough to last a hundred lifetimes! What more do people want of him? I mean seriously, come on! This borders on the ridiculous now.
    At some point in his life he has to be allowed to lift his head up and smile again, to begin again. He’s trying to save his family and get professional help, and yet he is still taking kicks in the gut in the press.
    I’ve been a Tiger Woods fan forever. To me watching the majors is the same as the Superbowl for some. Personally I can’t wait to watch Tiger in the Masters next week. He has been ridiculed and slaughtered in the media more than any public figure than I can ever remember. But there comes a point when #1, people are sick of hearing about it and #2, how much more do we really need to know?
    Is there anyone, anywhere that does not believe that every morning Tiger Woods opens his eyes he doesn

  10. I agree with you fela! The player got out smarted.Women let you getawy with just what they want at a time. They know when to lock in on you,fellows.Tiger,you are roped.Just serve the jail sentence with her.

  11. ELin is 4 months pregnant.That is what they are saying.He is a male slut.He has No respect for Elin!She should leave aand take him to the cleaners!!!

  12. So, Jinxy, what you’re saying is ‘all women are
    opportunistic’ and that TIGER is ‘squeaky clean’…I’m not ‘buyin’ that’!!!!! TIGER is the ‘all- time Male-HO’!!! And it’s about time someone came out and said it-‘TIGER IS A HO’!!!

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