Mean Betty's Worst Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it ... bring you all the misses from the Academy Awards red carpet.
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Mean Betty’s Worst Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it … bring you all the misses from the Academy Awards red carpet.

-Mean Betty

Sandra Bullock

Ah the Oscars. The glam, the glitz, the … mysteriously awful clothing choices. Isn’t it fun, kittens? Mean Betty would like to thank the following people for keeping Mean Betty awake during the general snooze-fest that was the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

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Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

The poor dear looks as if she’s wearing a giant poofy plant from the planet Pandora. Or some sort of alien creature emerging reluctantly from a cocoon. Crotch slits are so Vegas, darling, Givenchy or not. And someone forgot to tell the top of your dress what the bottom half was up to.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill

Paging Morticia Addams! Shudder. Faith, you’re much too much of a golden girl to go Goth at this stage in the game. Your alarmingly white teeth betray you. Also, Mean Betty’s Sicilian Great Grandmother called — she wants her tablecloth back.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty's Worst Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

  1. jessica03 says:

    I thought Sandra Bullock looked amazing in this dress! Mariah Carey…wrong dress!!!!

  2. livetogossip says:

    I agree that Sandra’s dress was bad. And her lipstick was SO the wrong color. And where do I begin on Zoe Saldana’s dress? Hot mess.

  3. roxbury says:

    Barbra Steisand didn’t look so good either in that jacket that she looked like she borrowed from laid-off Lehman banker.

  4. FBNYC says:

    I liked Tina Fey’s dress.. it was a definite improvement from what she’s usually caught wearing.

  5. kitty says:

    Sandra didn’t look that bad! Her dress was too long though — she looks truncated. And I kind of like Zoe Saldana — I love when the ladies take some risks. Better that the deadly black gowns … blegh! Someone tell Kristin Stewart to lighten up — literally!

  6. NYCdogmommy says:

    I think Sandra’s grammy did her makeup.

  7. uptowngirl says:

    I liked Sandra Bullock’s dress!

  8. DallasShopperGal says:

    I am surprised Charlize wore such a hideous dress. Her boobs look like the inside of a red onion, sliced in two. Sandra’s dress looked much better on TV than it does in the picture. The pic makes the entire bottom half look like silver-gold lam

  9. jessica03 says:

    Zoe’s dress was awful…

  10. ctgarcialeon says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker should be on this list and not the best dressed list. She was wearing a shapeless yellow sack!

  11. citymouse says:

    Loved Sandra Bullock’s dress, but agree that she needs some new lipstick! For me, Charlize Theron and JLo win worst-dress honors…

  12. hXcpunkchick says:

    I rather liked Rachel McAdams’ dress. And Sandra’s would have been better if it was a more muted silver tone rather than shiny silver lam

  13. malkah says:

    Sandra Bullocks dress was great, and SJP’s dress was pretty—shapeless and disappointing!

  14. dreapuff says:

    This is the worst, Worst Dressed article I have read. Maggie, Sandra Bullock, and Rachel McAdams looked beautiful! Especially Rachel McAdams, that dress was so flattering,it was beautiful.

  15. satchiesmom says:

    I thought Sandra Bullock looked lovely and Meryl Streeps dress was certainly and improvement from some of her other red carpet choices

  16. iamtrue2bill says:

    I strongly disagree with your choices of Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams, and Meryl Streep. I thought those women looked lovely. I also liked Maggie Gyllenhall’s (sp?) dress – it was unusual, a little daring, in going for a print – but on her it looked great and fit her personality.

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