Mean Betty on Anna Wintour and Other Fashion Disasters

A peek at some of the recent Fashion Don'ts in Celebrity Land.
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Oh no! The brunette virus seems to be spreading in Celebrityland. First Katherine Heigl, now Pink! Or is she just channeling Carey Mulligan’s ugly stepsister?

Remember kittens, Rich + Famous does not necessarily =  Sense + Style!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Anna Wintour and Other Fashion Disasters

  1. mariah looks like a bridal joke. with all her money, you’d think she could buy some fashion advice. she looks ridiculous…shame on her…those are your vows you sow….try dressing appropriately.

  2. oprah dear…i don’t care who designed that dress & nor who styled your hair…rethink your gratitude level before appearing in public looking like a gigantic macy’s thanksgiving day parade float.

  3. pink….definitely stay with the blonde. for some reason brunette brings out your ordinary features. sorry hun…not trying to top mean betty 😉 however this is not a good look for you.

  4. Wintour’s dress doesn’t look like draperies . . . it looks like the inside of a casket. Totally not becoming after a certain age (and I say that as a member of her relative age group).

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