Mean Betty on Ashley Dupre, Love Expert

Eliot Spitzer's hooker is now dishing relationship advice.

Mean Betty on Ashley Dupre, Love Expert

Eliot Spitzer’s hooker is now dishing relationship advice.

-Mean Betty

Ashley Dupre

Have you heard the news, pets? The ever-enterprising New York Post has secured the services of a new advice columnist: One Ashley Dupre, whom you might recall as the young lady who helped Eliot Spitzer end his pesky political career. The column, titled “Ask Ashley,” advertises: “Spitzer’s babe answers all your love-life questions!”

What a terrific idea! Why, Ashley has already proven herself to be truly full of insight when it comes to affairs of the heart. Take for example, her recent comments about Tiger Woods and his extracurricular activities.

“When you sleep with a married man… first of all, you’re only helping them stay married.”

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Now if that’s not some brilliant logic, Mean Betty just doesn’t know what is. Mean Betty wonders if Silda Spitzer has ever really taken the time to properly thank Ashley for her selfless work in the name of the Spitzer’s marriage?

Mean Betty wonders – it actually seems as if Tiger’s wife Elin might be taking Ashley’s advice already. The wholesome hooker gave the Woods some counsel via an interview with Extra, saying: “I believe in love and making it work out … They can do it.”

See everyone? All you need is love! (And a whole lot of money.) (And a secluded house on an island in Sweden.)

Ashley has also adopted a most interesting holier-than-thou attitude toward the brazen women who are daring to come forth about their liaisons with married Tiger Woods and – gasp! – attempting to SELL their stories to the tabloids. HAVE THEY NO SHAME? Ashley, as you will recall, took her money for sex right up front.

“And I was the hooker? At least I kept my mouth shut,” she sniffs.

Clearly this is a girl with her priorities straight! Mean Betty can’t believe no one thought of giving her an advice column before.

In fact, Mean Betty thinks moi might just have to send her a letter – don’t you agree kittens?


Mean Betty

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  1. I really do not care about the Ashley Dupre Playboy spread – and quite frankly I’m sick of listening to about her and Eliot Spitzer. (If he was too dumb to keep an affair quiet, he certainly wasn’t smart enough to stay governor.) The previous call girl has needed payday loans, and now can be seen naked by every person, rather than just individuals who paid enough. What happened in the US? Is it because that many a lot more people are out of work that we care about this kind of insanity?

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