Mean Betty on "Bombshell” McGee's Daddy

Michelle's Dad says if his daughter dropped Jesse James, why would Sandra keep him? Food for thought!
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Mean Betty on “Bombshell” McGee’s Daddy

Michelle’s Dad says if his daughter dropped him, why would Sandra keep him? Food for thought!

-Mean Betty


Well, darlings, Mean Betty thinks we may have a candidate for Father of the Year! And no, it’s not Jesse James, who recently remerged from “rehab” missing his wedding ring. (Though he’s a clear candidate for runner-up, along with Tiger Woods and Michael Lohan … decisions, decisions!). For now, the leading contestant on Mean Betty’s “People Who Should Not Be Parents” awards show is … drumroll, please! … Denny McGee, proud father of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the stripper who totally rained on Sandra Bullock’s post-Oscar parade.

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Upon seeing his daughter’s ex-boyfriend out of “rehab” (oh, forgive, pets, every time Mean Betty types “rehab”, Mean Betty collapses into a fit of giggles!) and ringless, Daddy McGee decided to give an interview to in which he declared himself unsurprised to see Sandra is apparently ditching her sleazy hubby, because, “If my daughter would drop him, then why would a woman of Sandra’s caliber stay with him?”

Excellent question, Dad!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on "Bombshell” McGee's Daddy

  1. Hilarious! I mean even he acknowledges his daughter is a filthy pig! Although that means he’s responsible for raising that disgusting whore, bad mother, Nazi, white supremacist and really bad mother. Loser hilljack idiots. It’s a shame she caused so much heartache to so many children, she was a temporary bounce for a man who really had it all. He’s an ass but she’s going to get as much mileage out of this as she can, and still be blowing men for a few bucks at strip clubs. By next year she’s still going to be turning out to pay the electric bill. That makes me happy to think about for some reason.

  2. I just pray for Sandra Bullock and her beautiful new son! She has been through such a high and now such a low. Time heals, but this will take a lot of time. God bless beautiful Sandra and beautiful Louis!

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