Mean Betty on Brangelina, Fidelity, and Jennifer Aniston's New Technique

Angelina and Brad don't need faithfulness; Jennifer Aniston's looking for a new faith. Mean Betty reports.

Mean Betty on Brangelina, Fidelity, and Jennifer Aniston’s New Technique

Angelina and Brad don’t need faithfulness; Jennifer Aniston’s looking for a new faith. Mean Betty reports.

-Mean Betty

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Bonjour kittens! Mean Betty trusts you had a lovely holiday weekend and didn’t stuff yourselves too, too much. Remember – the pounds get harder to take off the older you get! (Darlings, you know you can always count on Mean Betty to look after your best interest.)

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Mean Betty had a marvelous time, thanks SO much for asking. As Mean Betty was catching up on the latest celebrity news and gossip (poor Jon Gosselin! Even Mean Betty isn’t Grinchy enough to wish a Christmas robbery on anyone, no matter how douchey he is. Don’t you agree pets? Unless of course it was some misguided publicity stunt on his part … do we think he’s capable of that? Hard to believe!) – Mean Betty’s eye was caught by this tantalizing headline:

“Angelina Jolie Says Fidelity Not Essential for Relationships to Work”

Well how about that, kittens?! Will wonders never cease? Mean Betty would love to know if Brad Pitt was as amused as Moi to see that little zinger. Mean Betty is certain Tiger Woods was. Mean Betty can just see the email subject line now: “Elin Woods, T.W. would like to share this link with you!”

The Daily Telegraph has translated an interview Angelina gave to Das Neue magazine (and darlings, Mean Betty doesn’t speak German, so we’ll just have to trust that those naughty Brits aren’t having one over on us – you know how tricksy they can be). Quoth Angelina: “I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship. It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards.”

Well certainly! Cheating is one thing – talking “badly” after get cheated on and dumped is QUITE ANOTHER. So in this case, Jennifer Aniston is definitely the bad guy.

The wise lady continues: “Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other.”

And why should you, darling? Just because you share the responsibility of raising SIX (and counting?) children, why that certainly doesn’t mean you ought to “restrict” each other. Don’t you agree, pets? Mean Betty certainly doesn’t want anyone rushing in to any sort of commitments they’re not comfy with.

Meanwhile, speaking of Jennifer Aniston, Mean Betty is intrigued to read in the Daily Mail that America’s Sweetheart Most Famous Woman Scorned just might be about to convert to Kabbalah, thanks to her new pal Demi Moore.

According to the paper: “Jen and Demi first met a few years ago through a lifestyle guru [a quick aside from Mean Betty – how does one become a “lifestyle guru”? Don’t you think Mean Betty should be one?!] in Hollywood, but they bumped into each other at a Mont Blanc party in New York last month … They spent ages talking and Demi was waxing lyrical about how life-changing and wonderful Kabbalah is, and how much it helps her in her day-to-day life.”

Sounds like a great move to Mean Betty! Apparently, if Demi and Madonna are any examples, Kabbalah is the path to enlightenment … and really hot younger men. And isn’t that just what Jennifer Aniston could use right about now?


Mean Betty

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  1. I don’t know about JON GOSSELIN, about the time I think he going to be good it turns out more disturbing news..Jon might have ramsacked his own apartment,or, hailey could have done all that before she left the apartment..Jon/Hailey might have planned the ramsack..Who knows when 2 people so mixed up w/ their life.. JON/HAILEY needs mental help..

  2. Ha ha ha I love Angelina Jolie! She is absolutely right (for those who can see what she actually means beyond fidelity!) She is smart… and I love the fact that she still got that badass attitude.

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