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Is Elizabeth Edwards FINALLY Coming to Her Senses?

John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards

Mean Betty reads that Elizabeth Edwards might just finally be ready to kick her philandering, walking haircut of a husband to the curb where he belongs. The National Enquirer (and we must give the Enquirer credit for quite a few juicy tips about the man who would be President) reports that Elizabeth is at last ready to go for a divorce after learning – again, GASP – that Rielle Hunter wasn’t the only woman to receive the favor of John Edwards’ charms on the campaign trail.

Says the Enquirer: “Elizabeth’s patience finally ran out when she learned about the scandalous claims in a tell-all book by her husband’s former campaign aide Andrew Young, the married father of three who once claimed that he’d fathered Rielle’s child in a bid to protect his boss … What really pushed her over the edge is Young’s allegation that John had other affairs with women on the campaign trail.”

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

Edwards himself, of course, “claims Young’s book is a pack of lies.”

Hmmm … is the liar with the book deal now lying about the liar with the love child, or other way around? So difficult to decide!

At stake in a divorce is the Edwards’ reported $53 million fortune, which Mean Betty guesses John would be more than happy to hand over to his wife, lest she take the rest of his dirty laundry to air in court.

Well darlings, if that little round up isn’t enough to restore your faith in true love and romance, Mean Betty doesn’t know what is!



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