Mean Betty on Celebs Who Just Can't Help It

From Angelina Jolie to Speidi - Mean Betty has the latest news from the celebs who just can't stop being themselves.
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Mean Betty on Celebs Who Just Can’t Help It

From Angelina Jolie to Speidi – Mean Betty has the latest news from the celebs who just can’t stop being themselves.

-Mean Betty

 Angelina Jolie and kids

Dearest pets, sometimes as Mean Betty is reading through the news, she can’t help but remark on how helpfully predictable so many of our favorite tabloid-hoggers are. It’s almost as if certain celebrities simply can’t help but act out whatever strange role they’ve carved out for themselves with the help of the media. Of course – all the more entertaining for us! Here are a few examples from this very week of celebs who just can’t seem to help doing that thing they do:

At It Again: Saint Angelina Jolie

Reports have it that the Earth Mother of the world is baby shopping again, this time, it appears, for a baby from Syria. A real trend-setting move in the universe of international baby adoptions! Also of note: apparently Baby Daddy Brad Pitt isn’t on board with this seventh addition to his rainbow brood. (Actually – could this explain his scruffy beard of late – a sex-symbol’s protest against the increase in his baby collection?!)

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Is it possible, kittens, that Angie feels a tad competitive with Octomom? After all, Nadya Suleman has not only an impressive set of octuplets, but six more kids on top of that. Of course, they’re not as exotic, being boring old American children, but their numbers do impress. One can see why Saint Mother Angelina might feel threatened!

At It Again: Nicolas Cage, Crazy Eccentric

Nicolas Cage

It’s mind-boggling enough that Hollywood weirdo Nicolas Cage has managed to become poor after earning hundreds of millions of dollars, was married to another creepy and odd celebrity, Lisa Marie Presley, and owns (owned? Mean Betty can’t keep track) castles in the UK and Bavaria. That alone would be enough to rank him high on the weird-o-meter, even by Hollywood standards. But now we learn a few more fun facts about Nic. Like, for example – he outbid Leonardo Dicaprio and bought a dinosaur skull for $276,000; he has a pet owl admired by Eva Mendes; and admits to having been stalked by a mime. “Silent but possibly deadly.” Tell Mean Betty, kittens, what will we find out next?

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  1. This is hilarious! The sad thing about Speidi’s book is that it will probably be a best-seller because of all the people who want to be famous but have no visible talent for anything.

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