Mean Betty on Governor Sanford, Jon and Kate, and Lady GaGa

Mean Betty's week in review: Governor Sanford, Jon and Kate, and Lady GaGa

Week in Review

Mean Betty on Governor Sanford, Jon and Kate, and Lady GaGa

Highlights from around the world!

-Mean Betty

Don’t Cry for Him, Argentina

Governor Sanford

Honestly my darlings, Mean Betty really doesn’t care about the sex lives of politicians (ick). But, Mean Betty truly wants to know: Why can’t they be more CLEVER and DISCREET about their infidelities? Is that really too much to ask? Whether it’s that pathetic anti-prostitution crusader Eliot Spitzer being caught with a hooker, or this latest yokel Governor Sanford with his caliente mistress down Argentina way – one really does have to wonder how they managed to land themselves in office in the first place.

What kind of idioto would think no one would notice he wasn’t really hiking the Appalachian trail, but engaging in a different kind of exercise? (And Mean Betty doesn’t mean the Tango.) He tried to refuse government bailout money for his state, but took tax-paid trips to another continent to canoodle? Muy stupido!

Tell Mean Betty, mi amors – was it a bigger crime to write those love-struck e-mails (Google them if you must) to his Argentine tamale, or to think they wouldn’t ever become public?

Mean Betty’s biggest eye-roll came when she read Sanford’s statement that he spent “the last five days of my life crying in Argentina.” You mean like this, Governor?


Jon and Kate Just Want Privacy!

Jon and Kate Gosselin

Too rich! The couple that has made their fortune exploiting their children on television and blabbing out all their most personal details is suddenly feeling a little publicity-shy? Can it be? Mean Betty hears the OctomomTM role models have filed for divorce in a county (not their own) that keeps divorce records sealed.

Pardon? You mean you don’t want us all to know the intimate, seamy details of your failed marriage? Could have fooled Mean Betty!


Lady Nut Cake

Lady Gaga

“(Lady Gaga) is who I am. Me and my hair bow, we go to bed together. She sleeps where I sleep.”

Well of course! What kind of a lunatic do you think we think you are, dear Lady? Of course we know you don’t have a separate BEDROOM for your hair bow … she’d be all alone and frightened!


Adios amigos – until next week …


Mean Betty

PS. Mean Betty is sure you didn’t miss it, but in case you did: Mean Betty’s Mid Week Update (Perez Hilton, Burkas, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and More)

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Governor Sanford, Jon and Kate, and Lady GaGa

  1. Really! — why are these politicians such idiots? Aren’t the supposed to be a little smarter than the average Joe who comes home with lipstick on his collar?

    And Lady GaGa — priceless!

  2. 1) “british politician sex” haha sorry, had to quote billy joel 2) jon and kate – still lame … he got fat and did she actually tame down her mane? 3) leave gaga alone 😉

  3. Why can’t you give John and Kate a break and leave them to their grief.Does it enchance your life so much to heap misery on others.In my opinion all divorce records should be sealed. i don’t need to know the terms of any divorce except my own.

  4. I did not realize that wearing a bikini on your own property made you a whore. I will have to warn all my neighbors who sun bathe in bikinis almost every day.

  5. it makes me nutters when I see politics more focused on politician’s personal lives instead of their work, unless of course the two are colliding haha.

    And hellooo, don’t Jon & Kate know the more secretive you try to be, the more public it is? we’ll crave to know even more b/c they don’t want us to

  6. oh Jon & Kate, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up to be reality stars tsk tsk

    Like Lady Gaga sings:
    “Doin’ it for the Fame//Cuz we wanna live the life of the rich and famous”

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