Mean Betty on Heidi Montag, Ready for Playboy

The plastic princess is ready for her close-up!

Mean Betty on Heidi Montag, Ready for Playboy

The plastic princess is ready for her close-up!

-Mean Betty

Heidi Montag

Good news everyone! Heidi Montag has apparently sufficiently recovered from her brutal total body overhaul and is ready to grace the pages of Playboy yet again! It’s good to see her personality didn’t get tweaked along with her chin, boobs, butt, nose, etc.

Apparently being looked at like a “zoo animal” by her own mother wasn’t satisfying enough for the 23-year-old Heidi. It appears she craves maximum exposure for her Barbie Doll meet Circus Freak reality act.

Heidi, accompanied by a bearded Spencer, tottered onto a red carpet Saturday night in Las Vegas and told RadarOnline,  “I am doing Playboy again… soon, very soon.” She elaborated, “I cannot wait to show off my new assets, I am very excited.”

And show them off she will – in all their plastic glory, as sources say this shoot will be fully nude. Heidi, ever a class act, is thought to be considering a shower scene.

But don’t get the wrong idea here – Heidi may be ready to show off her current mutation, however that doesn’t mean she’s done going under the knife. No, those giant breasts of hers aren’t quite Dolly Parton enough for Heidi – she wants them even bigger.

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“I would like to get my breasts re-done because I couldn’t get them the size I wanted because they couldn’t fit,” she explains.

Mean Betty just needs to stop thinking about that. Mean Betty is prone to nightmares.

Of course, Heidi’s not ALL silicone and fakeness – why, she’s a veritable little Dalai Lama. The Dalai Heidi! Quoth she, “It is who you are on the inside that really matters, this is just the shell at the end of the day.”

So true, so wise.

At the end of the interview, Heidi tells us how her dear husband filled their Vegas hotel room with rose petals, balloons, and “Frederick’s of Hollywood” lingerie  … at which point Spencer (and his dreadful fuzzy beard) interrupted to say there are some photos as well … that they, apparently will be sharing with us all. “It’ll be our Valentine present to you all,”’ smiles Heidi (as much as she can smile, given that a portion of her face is still immobile). Now if that’s not just pure generosity, why Mean Betty doesn’t know what is.

UPDATE: Oh joy! A Socialite Life now has the full set of Heidi does Vegas porn star photos.

Here’s a peek at Speidi’s gift to us all:

Heidi Montag Valentine

Look out Brangelina, you just might have a rival for “Wise, Generous Famous Couple of the Year!”


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Heidi Montag, Ready for Playboy

  1. Does anyone else think she traded in her pointy jaw for Jay Leno’s lantern jaw? She looks like a drag queen now. Not to worry she can always fall back on her Pop Star career. Oh wait…

  2. There is something definitely mentally wrong with both of them. She can get all the surgery she wants but it will never change her and her is the problem. She could make herself into the most gorgeous person ever and it won’t help her inside. It’s sad. And her hubby is just a pimp really. That man is actually not a man. Ick to both of them.

  3. Playboy has been hurting for a while, due to poor sales of their magazine. Clearly, they are desperate to boost sales by putting this bag of brainless silicone in their magazine, b/c thanks to our equally desperate media, she’s all over the place. Heidi and her creepy Spencer can sleep comfortably knowing they’re raking in the dough while teen boys and wrinkly old men jerk off to her photos.

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