Mean Betty on "Hero” Heidi Montag's Mother's Day Gift

This brave and generous young woman now wants to share the gift of plastic surgery with her mother!

Mean Betty on “Hero” Heidi Montag’s Mother’s Day Gift

This brave and generous young woman now wants to share the gift of plastic surgery with her mother!

-Mean Betty

Heidi Montag

Dearest pets, with all the unpleasant news we hear about celebrities and their antics (See: yesterday’s note on “The Terrible Taylor Momsens”), it’s just so very refreshing to read about a brave, generous, role model like sweet Heidi “The Hero” Montag.

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Here is a young woman who not only completely warped and changed her face and body, but who now wants to give this gift of plastic transformation to her mother! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

Forget all that nonsense you heard abut Heidi’s mom being “horrified” by her daughter’s epic bout of surgery that rendered her unrecognizable (and, Mean Betty must point out, certainly no longer looking like either of her parents). Au contraire! Heidi told Nightline on Tuesday night that her mom was totally cool with it.

“She says, ‘Whatever makes you happy,’” Heidi said. “And ‘Great,’ and, ‘I could definitely see your boobs looking incredible bigger,’ and you know, my mom’s very … supportive about whatever makes you happy in life.”

As well she should be! After all, it was Heidi’s own plastic surgeon, the dashing Dr. Frank Ryan (and by “dashing” Mean Betty means “wow look his forehead doesn’t move at all when he talks”) who reminded us that his little guinea pig patient Heidi is “kind of a hero” for being open about her surgeries.

In fact – he doesn’t stop there – telling, “Frankly I am a little bit too.”

Frankly you are! Tell Mean Betty kittens, WHAT is more heroic than slicing a chunk off your chin, blowing your boobs up several times their natural size, pinning your ears back, and injecting poison here and sucking fat out there – and then not lying about it? Why, nothing!

And now Heidi wants to share this gift with her mama. She says, “ …For Mother’s Day, I have to ask Dr. Frank Ryan if he’ll do the mommy makeover.”

Isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

Mean Betty presumes Heidi Montag is planning to give her children the gift of plastic surgery as well … seeing as how they won’t look a thing like their Barbie Doll mother.


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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on "Hero” Heidi Montag's Mother's Day Gift

  1. what a waste of space!She was just fine the way she was before and if I were her mom i’d be totally appalled by even the suggestion of such a gift,insulting

  2. Heidi is finally getting her 15 minutes of fame…hah..her plastic surgery! After this she’ll be yesterday’s news. What a terrible price to pay for fame…too bad it has nothing to do with her talent (talentless) singing or acting. She and her arrogant hubby will soon be out of our sight; they certainly deserve each other. I wonder what their combined IQ is???

  3. @MixedMedia – Good point. She has serious issues and no amount of plastic surgery is going to help with her mental health. She must be getting a lot of money from her interviews to pay for her mom to have several thousand dollars worth of surgery. Ironically, she commented on how broke she is in one of those interviews. Then again, broke for her is different than broke for us normal people.

    On another note, WHY is she famous to begin with? She shouldn’t even be considered a celebrity.

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