Mean Betty on Hillary: Out of Sorts in Africa

Mean Betty dishes on Hillary Clinton's adventure in Africa
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Mean Betty on Hillary: Out of Sorts in Africa

How to explain Hillary’s undiplomatic Grumble in the Jungle

-Mean Betty

Hillary Clinton

Hillary…you’ve got to take some of the “grrrr” out of the girl, girl. I know it’s been a bad couple of weeks for you. You’ve been stuck on sick leave and the current Big Guy in the Oval Office doesn’t seem to mind. No candy. No flowers. More envoys. Then, you go off for Hillary’s great adventure in Africa and the former Big Guy grabs all the headlines. But don’t let it get you down so much you snap at a student who asks you a question that may have been misinterpreted. Not even Barack Obama could compete with Bill Clinton jetting off like an aging white knight to rescue two damsels in distress from the evil ogre of Pyonyang? You can’t make this up.

And anyway, Bill borrowing Steve Bing‘s private jet to pursue private interests is nothing new. Neither is that rascal’s ability to suck up media air like a super-sized Lindsay Lohan. You’ve handled it all before and didn’t lose your cool. So, what’s really behind the grumble in the jungle Monday? Okay, the student who asked you what Mr. Clinton thought of the recent Congo deal with the Chinese could use a gender sensitivity training course, but there’s got to be more to it.

Was it the pants suit? You know, all of us have days when you’re down to the back of the closet and you have to throw on something that makes you look like Rosie O’Donnell on a bad day. Hey, just lose the lavender pants suit and don’t look back. And, girl, did you lose your make-up bag boogying down in Cape Town? You looked more like a recovering swine flu victim than I do, and I am a recovering swine flu victim. And the hair. If we weren’t BFF’s I couldn’t tell you this but, God made blow driers for a reason. Trust me on this one.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Hillary: Out of Sorts in Africa

  1. Mean Betty, you’ve gone too far! That question was inappropriate — she’s the Secretary of State, not her husband. Would we have tolerated someone asking Warren Christopher what his wife thought about African policy? And why do we have to sink to the level of insulting her looks? This is one of the most successful women in the world — why do we have to revert to nasty sorority girls about her clothes and hair?

  2. Mean Betty, you are right about every single bit of your commentary. Inappropriate questions are part of the game when in public office. Handling it well is the art of diplomacy on any stage — and looking/dressing professionally with good posture in the process — is mandatory when the game is on.

  3. Of all the political scandals happening, why is Hillary’s slight outburst a big deal. Even if Bill did bring home those girls (I still don’t quite get how that went down), it was a silly question. Yeah she probably could have said it nicer and looked better doing it, but really is it something to harp about. She’s not stealing money, cheating on her husband or lying about her past. She’s doing her job. Talk about something else.

  4. I have to agree with Deborah and Sheila on this one. I heard the man mispoke and meant to say President Obama but just got flustered. Hillary seems pretty touchy on the subject and her competitiveness is showing. She needs to be more “political” in her position, particularly when she carrying around so much baggage (can you say Bill?).

  5. Fern and Shanece, lighten up! :-) Mean Betty is bringing a funny commentary to the whole bunch of dribble. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  6. I am not a Hilary fan but look what she is married too! I think her make-up was fine! Why do we as women have to put crap on our faces just to go out of the house, not fair. Well now that I have that out have a nice day!

  7. I think Hilary needs to be more diplomatic, especially since she’s the Secretary of State! Acting in a way unfitting is completely ignorant and keeps the poor opinions of Americans justified…

    There could have been a translation error, no reason to get all upset.

    Plus if she was truly upset about Fmr Prez Bill, then she should have divorced him…and I’m certain that she road very nicely on his coattails. C’mon, she didn’t gain popularity until she was his wife which is sad and I wish I never encounter that either. Maybe she should ask him to sideline some of his stuff so she’ll get the press.

  8. I really like Hillary and she was probably annoyed that after all the hard (and really, who of us knows how difficult it may be for her down there?) she’s doing would you want to be asked what your overshadowing husband thinks?

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