Mean Betty on Jennifer Aniston's Love Life

Jen Aniston's reportedly on the hunt for a nice, normal, loaded businessman.
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Mean Betty on Jennifer Aniston’s Love Life

Good news! Jen’s reportedly on the hunt for a nice, normal, loaded businessman.

-Mean Betty

Jennifer Aniston

Finally! Mean Betty was thrilled to read in Us Weekly that Jennifer Aniston has seen the light at last … she “wants to be set up with a wealthy businessman.” Now you’re using your head, Jen Jen! Forget about those pretty-boy Hollywood flakes who love you and leave you. Find yourself a nice, stable business guy who will be swept away by your Hollywood glamour and happy to be installed into your Beverly Hills dream house.

An “insider” says poor Jen was “really messed up and heartbroken” by bobble-headed crooner John Mayer, and that she’s finished with famous men. Mean Betty just wonders what took her so long to come to that genius conclusion (if indeed it’s true and not a cruel hoax perpetrated just to get Mean Betty’s hopes up). One would think that suffering through the public humiliation of being dumped by one celebrity A-Lister for that big-lipped, homewrecking little minx Angelina Jolie would have taught Jen a lesson, but noooooooo.

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After a brief pit-stop with Vince Vaughn (which was so obviously not gong to work – impossible to go from a Brad to a Vince, non?) and a dalliance with hot model Paul Sculfor, she launched into a on-again, off-again, on-again, off-AGAIN public relationship tango with none other than the Poster Boy of douchey Romeo celebs, John Mayer.

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