Mean Betty on Jesse James' Alleged Tattoo Lady Mistress

Yet another trashy woman trying to get her 15 minutes at another woman's expense. How delightful!

Mean Betty on Jesse James’ Alleged Tattoo Lady Mistress

Yet another trashy woman trying to get her 15 minutes at another woman’s expense. How delightful!

-Mean Betty


Michelle “Bombshell” McGee … how to put this delicately? You make Mean Betty sick. Oh no, darling, it’s not your lovely tattoos that so delightfully cover most of your body. And it’s not even the affair you say you carried on with Sandra Bullock’s husband. What really makes Mean Betty’s stomach turn is your revolting attempt to turn the suffering of a fellow woman into a PR opportunity for your tattooed self.

According to In Touch Weekly’s current cover story, motorcycle guy Jesse James carried on an “11-month affair, including five weeks of sex” with “Bombshell” while Sandra was filming the role that earned her an Academy Award. It’s pretty hard to believe that anyone in his right mind would cheat on the beautiful Sandra Bullock with a circus sideshow, but there you have it. Poor “Bombshell” says Jesse fed her some vague story that he and Sandra were separated, and that was enough for her to hop into bed onto his couch (classy!) with him.

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“I asked him, ‘What’s going on with you and Sandra?’ He said, ‘She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it,’” “Bombshell” reveals to In Touch.

There are many more unpleasant details, such as “Bombshell’s” lovely nickname for Jesse – “Vanilla Gorilla” – but Mean Betty will spare you. You can go read them anywhere. But the real question is … WHY did she have to go and tell her story to In Touch? Why now? Why break another woman’s heart like that, so grossly, in public? And in the wake of such a happy moment in Sandra’s life, the truly sweet and heartfelt words of her acceptance speech she directed at her husband still ringing in our ears?

Oh, Mean Betty supposes we can’t really blame “Bombshell” – it’s not as if she invented the technique. As busy a life as she must lead, what with deciding where to put her next tattoo (real estate is getting scarce!) and posing for pin-up shots, it can’t have escaped her attention that a pathway to fame these days is as the Other Woman. Just look at all the face-time Tiger’s hordes of classless mistresses have been enjoying – how’s that Access Hollywood gig coming, Rachel Uchitel?  And of course Rielle Hunter’s CLASS ACT spread in GQ – that must make every fame-whore mistress’s heart go pitter-patter! Oh, and dear little Ashley Dupre, paid to have sex with another woman’s (icky) husband – why her career is going great guns! Soon men all over the world can have the pleasure of seeing Eliot Spitzer’s hooker in Playboy – an honor for which Ashley almost went up in flames when her hair caught fire on the shoot. Ah, the price of fame!

Listen, kittens. Mean Betty knows if this torrid little tale is true, then Jesse James is, quite simply, a pig. (And possibly blind?) But that’s between him and his wife, whatever feeling we might have about it. But taking your miserable, trashy story to the cover of a tabloid weekly – out of spite or jealousy or just plain old publicity-hunger … that makes Mean Betty’s blood boil.

But what exactly does Miss “Bombshell” hope to accomplish by this sad little tell-all? Does she not get enough attention already? Mean Betty can see how she’d really blend into a crowd – especially when she wears her hair back and displays her “Pray for Us Sinners” forehead tattoo. Is being a part time hairdressers / stripper / tattoo model and gracing the cover of Tattoo not enough? Perhaps she’d like a reality show?? Or a turn on Oprah’s couch? Or is just being forever linked to Sandra Bullock going to be enough for her, clinging pathetically to the coattails of another woman’s hard-earned success, fame and fortune.

In closing, Mean Betty would like to note “Bombshell” calls herself an “evil c–t” on her own website. Mean Betty couldn’t agree more, and if her story about Jesse James is true, they deserve each other. And finally, Mean Betty wouldn’t blame Sandra a bit if she found a good use for her Oscar, involving Jesse’s thick skull!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Jesse James' Alleged Tattoo Lady Mistress

  1. Women like her make me SICK. In general, don’t believe in throwing stones when it comes to something that happens in private, but when you take your personal transgressions public like this, then you deserve all the stone-throwing you get. Sandra — you are an AWESOME, INSPIRING lady — this woman is beneath your contempt!!

  2. Wow, she’s gross. If he really did have sex with her, that’s like eating a urinal cake when one has a perfectly yummy cheesecake in the refrigerator.

    And as for this…if it’s true, he really is a class-A pig who doesn’t care about the impact on Sandra…or more importantly, the impact on his kids. Sandra busted her butt to create a stable home life for those kids, especially Sunny, and he goes and does a thing like this…

  3. What possesses these men to marry? Is the buzz of getting away with something worth the devastation it causes? oh, nvm, they don’t think with their brains, do they? Morons.

  4. Boy, talk about a disgusting waste of life. She claims to be so educated, yet accepts his vague answer as the truth and starts something with him. What was her excuse after the first time, that she didn’t have time to look it up online? That’s right, she was probably too busy with her skanky webcam business or her pinup crap. She is going to look like a moldy old crumpled up comic book that someone finds in the attic in a few years, anyway, so I guess she is trying to get the money while she can. And Sandra has been taking care of his kids during their marriage! He is such a lowlife classless loser to have taken the bait on this one. He doesn’t deserve to kiss the ground Sandra walks on. Sandra will find someone who give her the respect she deserves after all is said and done. So sad that she has had to go through this, though.

  5. Jesse was with a porn star before, so it wouldn’t be too crazy to believe he was with this nasty skank. For Sandra’s sake (more so than Jesse’s), I hope this is just a rumor and he did not stray. Sandra is a beautiful, talented, sweet and classy lady. I was actually shocked when I heard she was with him. I really hope she doesn’t get screwed over.

  6. Ladies you know that its true some guys still think that its still the wild wild west. They have to notch the pistal grip, and there are so many women to make there dream come true. Yes it is SAD to say the least. I am sorry for my so called brothers.

  7. that is so sad …when pretty little girls grow up dreaming to do that to them selves and i am not hating her. but she is not going to look so good when she’s in her 70’s. gross

  8. First off it seems there must be some truth to the trashes story. Seems Sandra Bullock has moved out of the house they shared that I am sure she paid for. I would have kicked him to the curb first off. Secondly how this woman got the nickname “bombshell” is beyond me. That is trash at it’s worst. How could he even think that she could compare to Sandra Bullock. She is so classy and Ms. Bombshell is so, well, trashy. Ick. If I were him I would be getting tested as quickly as possible. And finally she is a sick whore. How could she do this to another woman and then go on about how Jesse James said that he and Sandra Bullock were over. Anyone with a brain could have checked that story and found out they were still married and supposedly, happily so. I guess as all these men are finding out, if you must cheat, at least cheat with someone with an iota of class(if that’s even possible) so you don’t see your mistress on the cover of some trash magazine talking about your affair. It’s like grow up. If you cheat, you will get caught.

  9. Terrible for Sandra. At least Jesse is apologizing publicly. They looked so happy at the Oscars. My heart goes out to her. How embarrassing. Hopefully he learned his lesson. He seemed so nice on Celebrity Apprentice.

  10. This makes me so mad. After all he and Sandra went through with the mother of his children a former porn star with a drug addiction and for the youngest baby to go through horror with her mother. He does this he is a pig it ticks me off. Then he messes with trash like this chic.. She looks so SKANKY A SKANY SMELLY HOE. It’s nasty and I am so mad at him. What a jerk!!

  11. My heart goes out to Sandra. She’s the victim in this tawdry affair. I say kick him to the curb and good riddance. If the tattoo dragon wants him, let her be prepared to be the next one he cheats on. It would serve her right.

  12. I feel very bad for Sandra Bullock but she will rise above this trashy incident. I hope she dumps his ass because he never deserved her anyway. What an embarassment for her at a very special time in her life.

  13. Sandy is probably the classiest lady in Hollywood. Additionally she is a true beauty who make the likes of Angelina JoLee look like a dumpster diver. It was a qestionable union to begin with. Jessie is not even remotely in Sandy’s league. He’s way down in the minior minus.

  14. I think Jesse James’ behavior should be what everyone should focus on. He’s the one married, he’s the one who took a oath before God…..Not everyone who dates married men know they are married or separated unless you hire a detective. The focus should be on the man but I see too many women trashing Ms. McGee instead of James.

  15. I agree with Lady Cygnet: “wow, she’s gross.”
    For more on Jesse & other Disgraced Celeb.s of 2010, see

  16. Why do men cheat on pretty women, with trashy,skanky, tatoo-ed (women, i think NOT)girls? Im sure that guys just LOVE her disgusting tatoo’s, but my god, why?! This just goes to show you, if a guy is going to cheat on you, he’ll cheat on you with ANYTHING!! Way to go “Bombshell” (barf), you got your fame, too bad everyone hates you now…

  17. All I can say is, I hope Sandra gets herself checked out for any STDs – she probably didn’t know she was dealing with a scumbag. She gave him too much credit. She’s a class act.

  18. it is really hard to decide at this time because of the kids involved. These women are homewreckers and desperate for attention that even married men do not bother them. Can they get not sick doing this adulterous behaviors? They have no conscience…pigs and shanks!

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