Mean Betty on Jesse James and Kate Gosselin

Is Jesse really the man we should "hate” the most in the whole country? And Kate - oh Kate, Kate, Kate...

Mean Betty on Jesse James and Kate Gosselin

Is Jesse really the man we should “hate” the most in the whole country? And Kate – oh Kate, Kate, Kate…

-Mean Betty

Jesse James

It’s the end of a long week, kittens, and Mean Betty is feeling a little contrary. First of all, there’s the news that Entertainment Weekly has named Jesse James the “Most Hated Man in America.”


Come on now – doesn’t that seem a wee bit extreme? Is it just Mean Betty, or are you starting to feel a little sorry for this moron? Seriously darlings, what does it mean if Jesse James is the MOST HATED MAN in the country – that we love Sandra more than Elin and her children? Or that we’re a big bunch of hypocrites who like to throw stones in our glass houses?


Something doesn’t add up here, pets – Tiger Woods is back to sporting Nike and playing golf, greeted by crowds of adoring fans, while Jesse James is suddenly Public Enemy #1. Also, Mean Betty would just like to point out that Sandra Bullock must have had some inkling of who she was marrying (perhaps it was the porn star ex wife???) – or else why put a cheating clause into the pre-nup?

Surely there are people more deserving of our hatred, non?

Like … Michael Lohan?

Kate Gosselin

And speaking of turning the tables a bit … Mean Betty would just like to take this opportunity to point out that, as fun (and easy) as it is to mock Jon Gosselin (and oh how mockable he is!), we mustn’t be so distracted as to forget that Kate Gosselin really is a piece of work herself. She’s no sweet little wronged-wife / angel.

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If any of the reports are to be believed, she’s acting like a complete lunatic diva on the set of Dancing With the Stars. Mean Betty reads her suffering partner can’t wait to be rid of her. The poor woman seems to be forgetting that she’s merely famous for being willing to expose her private life – and the private lives of all of her children – on TV. She’s NOT ACTUALLY A MOVIE STAR. Even Hugh Hefner agrees – the dirty old coot wouldn’t let her be in Playboy – his response when asked? “No! No!”

To which Mean Betty replies, “Thank goodness! Thank goodness!”

And, though Mean Betty is the first to defend a single mom for earning money to support herself, Mean Betty was not impressed to read that Kate sounds like she’s blaming her children for mommy not being a very good dancer.

“It’s very difficult,” Kate told E! Online, explaining why she’s struggling on the show. “I can’t put my life aside and dance for six hours a day. It’s not my lack of ability, but lack of presence.”

That’s funny – Mean Betty knows plenty of working mothers who put at least eight hours a day into their jobs. Come on, dear – you can’t have it both ways.

There – Mean Betty is glad to get that off Mean Betty’s chest! What do you think darlings? Is Mean Betty just all mixed up?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Jesse James and Kate Gosselin

  1. I agree Mean Betty. I don’t think Jesse James should be deemed “Most Hated Man in America” and I think Kate Gosselin needs a reality check – she got a makeover for DWTS, but they forgot to pay attention to her ego.

  2. I haven’t seen DWTS this year, is Kate really that bad? I have never seen her show so I know nothing about her…I have to admit she looks like a Diva and you are correct, that dress is frightening.

    As far as Jesse goes, is he the Most Hated Man in America? Maybe. He did screw over America’s sweetheart with nasty looking Neo-Nazi gutter trash chicks. But I to each his/her own. I am starting to feel like some of this was a set up, some of the stories are false. Someone is gunning for him, maybe his ex and her husband. I don’t know but it really seems to be going a bit far. Tiger did the same thing, although not with extreme fetish & Nazi types…it was the same thing. Seems Tiger was given a pass, maybe it is time for people to let up on Jesse a bit and let him find himself. We all make mistakes.

  3. “Most hated man in America?” I don’t know about that. He wasn’t even all that famous until he married Sandra Bullock and ended up on “Celebrity Apprentice.” He’s still scum and doesn’t deserve Sandra or the spotlight. Neither does Tiger, though, but he’s on every channel and in every tabloid-like magazine right now. Ick.

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