Mean Betty on Jesse James

Since it may be difficult to start keeping track of Jesse James' alleged mistresses, Mean Betty has a handy guide for you. You're welcome.
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Jesse “I’ll Be Your Monkey” James

Brigitte Daguerre

Mistress #3 is a young lady photographer named Brigitte Daguerre, who took it upon herself to inform that she slept with Jesse James a mere four times but has hundreds of naughty text messages from him. Certainly something Mean Betty would love to be known for! Apparently most of the texts were pretty graphic – among the milder was one where Jesse declared, “I’ll be your monkey.”

He certainly knows himself.

Mistress #2

Melissa Smith

The first woman to jump on the bandwagon after Michelle McGee dropped her “bombshell” was another tattooed stripped, Melissa Smith, who chose to share her story with the world via Star Magazine. She tells a lovely tale of how Jesse reached out to her on MySpace a year after he married Sandra Bullock. And, as these things do, one thing led to another – or rather – to Jesse’s nasty office couch.

Fun fact: Melissa Smith went to jail last year for driving drunk and beating up a cop!

Fun Fact #2: Melissa is now officially looking for a “Sugar Daddy!” The poor dear has a profile on the website declaring her need for a man to “spoil” her – ie: pay off her “house note.”

Mean Betty could not make this stuff up.

That’s about it for now darlings. Of course, if you need any details about Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, you can read Mean Betty’s thorough analysis here.

Sigh. You’re probably wondering how Mean Betty can stand to sort through all theese sordid details in her selfless effort to serve you. It’s a tough job, darlings, but someone has to do it!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Jesse James

  1. He not only is a pig, but the women his banged are pigs too. They are ugly messes. Sandra is a very beautiful and classy lady. He and Tiger Woods are two of a kind, and throw in John Edwards.

  2. @Cremebrulee67 – maybe he thought being with Sandra would improve his image, open doors for him in the entertainment world and help in his custody battle – fighting a porn star for custody will certainly be harder with Bombshell McGee on your arm than with Sandra Bullock!

  3. These women are low, desperate for attention,no integrity at all. How about professional, educated women who know that their boyfriends are married and still doing adulterous behavior? I just know if I have money to pay lawyers to sue them for alienation of affection…but do we want to really live with these pigs anyways??

  4. I think looking at ALL of the women they are 3rd raters at best, all have problems. Gloria is setting back women by handling these whore’s and is essentially pimping them as a rep for them to earn money for sleeping with men who have accomplished something. Her newest client is beautiful and successful, then why was she sleeping with a married man? An occasional bang isn’t what is normally considered “successful” it’s desperate and now she wants money for sex acts performed. That’s being a whore and a hooker, Gloria is now their pimp. All of them have problems and are very marginal, and perhaps that is what Jesse was counting on that rubbing up against fame would satisfy them. I guess the 4 “successful” women couldn’t make rent and found a lawyer who could get them a few bucks to feed their kids and make a hoopty payment. Too bad a few kids had to be hurt in the process you successful beauties.

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