Mean Betty on Jessica Simpson, Fergie, and Airbrushing

A study in contrast: Jessica on the cover of Marie Claire; Fergie on the cover of Elle.

Mean Betty on Jessica Simpson, Fergie, and Airbrushing

A study in contrast: Jessica on the cover of Marie Claire; Fergie on the cover of Elle.

-Mean Betty

Jessica Simpson

Well, congratulations, Jessica Simpson!

No, you suspicious little things – Mean Betty is not being sarcastic. Mean Betty truly applauds Jessica Simpson for her new Marie Claire cover in which she appears without makeup or … GASP! … airbrushing! At least, this is the claim, and honestly, kittens ,it really does look to be at least mostly if not completely true.

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Doesn’t she look great? And by great Mean Betty of course means … like a human woman? Mean Betty is tickled pink.

“I don’t have anything to prove anymore,” Jessica told the magazine. “What other people think of me is not my business.”

One small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind! (And womankind’s laugh lines, pores, crow’s feet, etc … )

Now, pets, let’s compare and contrast, shall we?


Is this Fergie – or a wax model of Fergie? You decide! (Or perhaps an oil painting?)

In the new edition of Elle, Fergie reveals the disturbing mind tricks she plays on herself to keep svelte, including convincing herself that French fries are “poison” and eating only one bite of dessert.

Poor Fergie. Why does she bother, when she’s just going to be airbrushed into oblivion anyway?

(And speaking of being airbrushed into oblivion, have you seen the new Good Housekeeping cover of – well, Mean Betty THINKS that’s our first lady?)

Darlings, Mean Betty doesn’t want the celebrities to stop being crazy, because they would be so much less amusing, BUT – Mean Betty wants everyone to go out and buy that copy of Marie Claire. We must support the celebs as they emerge from their fake plastic shells!


Mean Betty

p.s. Speaking of plastic shells – poor Heidi Montag! She turned herself into a blow-up doll when she could have just taken off her makeup to get attention!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Jessica Simpson, Fergie, and Airbrushing

  1. Good for Jessica. I don’t think she’s entirely without makeup though. It looks like she went to sleep in it the night before and went to the photo shoot. There is undeniable mascara remnants on her lashes but she is still beautiful! It’s so refreshing to see her without all the drag queen makeup and way fake looking eyelash extensions. Hopefully she truly is realizing that her beauty isn’t something she needs to worry about and that she’s perfect as she is. She might not be the brightest crayon in the box, at least she’s trying to be more real. You go Girl!

  2. Jessica Simpson looks beautiful, and at least Fergie looks like Fergie. When I first saw Tina Fey on the March Vogue cover, I didn’t know who she was–Angie Harmon? Then I saw her name …

  3. So who really believes that Jessica isn’t wearing any make up – you can tell that she still has eyeliner (even if it’s smudged) and mascara. Either go makeup-less or don’t claim to be makeup-less. It’s insulting to those of us that know better.

  4. Good Girl Jessica!! What bothers me so much about all of the photoshopping and air brushing is that young girls actually believe that these stars look like their magazine covers. Someone really needs to tell these girls that hey anyone can look like they do with professional make-up artists and hair dressers and a good computer. Why can’t more people be brave like Jessica Simpson? These women on the covers of magazines are supposed to be the most beautiful women around right? Then why the hell are their self esteems so low that they can’t be their true selves? Yes wear make-up and have your hair done but leave it at that. I have a daughter who is almost 6 and when she says a woman on a magazine is pretty I tell her the truth that the woman on the cover doesn’t exist.

  5. I’m with marlucero: Don’t insult us by claiming Jessica doesn’t have on makeup – DUH – the eyeliner and mascara are obvious.
    Jessica is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but don’t insult us by telling us that this cover represents her bare face…

  6. I do see the mascara like everyone else but the worst part for women is being without the foundation so I think she did great in going without it. Shoot if I looked like that without it, I wouldn’t worry about wearing it again, lol. And Fergie just looks like a paper doll in that pic. She is a cute girl but she is way too made up.

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