Mean Betty on Jon Gosselin, Octomom, Obama Style and More

Mean Betty discusses Jon Gosselin, Octomom, Obama Style and More

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Mean Betty on Jon Gosselin, Octomom, Obama Style and More

Highlights from the week!

-Mean Betty

Jon Gosselin … It’s All Fake, Right?

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriendTell Mean Betty, pets, have the producers at TLC hired Jerry Springer to secretly consult on the debacle that is Jon and Kate? Is he secretly behind the recent descent into white trash mania? Mean Betty wants to know! Surely there has to be someone behind all the latest developments, right? Some evil ratings genius? Please tell Mean Betty that Jon Gosselin is not REALLY and truly publicly dating that woman he’s been seen with? The one with the police mug shot and the trashy photos on Facebook? The 22-year-old publicity whore? He did not really, of his own volition, travel to St Tropez with her and frolic on a yacht that has some mysterious connection to tacky-chic designer Ed Hardy, did he?


Jon Gosselin's girlfriend

OctomomTM Sees Dead People


So now OctomomTM, who has sadly been out of the limelight for a while (that’s right, dear, it’s called 15 minutes for a reason), claims that her Octo-House is Haunted!

In an exclusive (and yes, bizarre) new interview with, Nadya [Suleman] says a few days ago, she heard a soft whisper saying “mommy.”

Um, my dear, that was probably one of your 87 children. Mean Betty is sure it’s hard to keep track of them all – it’s no wonder one of them snuck up on you and caught you by surprise.

Those Brilliant Brits!

A school desk

Who would have thought it – the Brits, who famously invented the Victorian age-o-repression, have figured out a devilishly clever scheme to put kids off sex! Amazing isn’t it? According to the London Times Online:

A National Health Service leaflet is advising school pupils that they have a “right” to an enjoyable sex life and that regular intercourse can be good for their cardiovascular health.

Oh those cunning English – we all know nothing turns kids off something so much as being told, “it’s good for you” by grown-ups. Surely that’s what the NHS was thinking, right? They can’t seriously be encouraging wanton underage sex, so the only other explanation is that it’s a sort of large scale reverse-psychology experiment! Brilliant!

Obama Style

Barack Obama

Well, everyone got a good laugh over the president‘s “mom jeans” (a bit of an insult to “moms” but never mind), but Mean Betty was just happy to see Mrs. Obama has packed away her mantilla.

Michelle Obama

Of course, she can keep it handy for any potential Addams Family reunion auditions or Sicilian funerals.

On another note, Mean Betty keeps hearing that Michelle Obama has some kind of Jackie O obsession. Now whatever would lead one to that impression?

Jackie O and President Kennedy

Sorry, Becks!

And finally, Mean Betty truly feels remorseful for calling David Beckham a Neanderthal. Truly, truly, because, my darlings, look what he’s gone and done now!

Until next week, kittens!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Jon Gosselin, Octomom, Obama Style and More

  1. Men can be so dumb sometimes! If some whore throws it in their face and they jump at it, they are stupid. Maybe not as much if they are single but if they are married with children and some slut comes along and wants publicity, they are getting what they deserve. I say we should all forget about him and his hoochy! He deserves her. I really feel sorry for the kids. At least they have a mother who is sticking by them. We have not walked a mile in her shoes so shouldn’t be so quick to judge.
    Octomom is and always has been nuts. I am not surprised that she hears voices. I think she has heard them all of her life! Those poor children need to have a real home without psychos around. Sad! Maybe she is hearing the voices of her new brood calling. Maybe she will want to have another brood so the voices will stop. She needs some serious help!
    I am not at all surprised by Ms BO either. I think every since she wore her first bedspread to the ball, she has been showing how fashion unconscious she is. Anyone who thinks she is stylish is brain dead!

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