Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin

Kate claims Jon has changed ... but Mean Betty would like to show Kate these photos of herself.

Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin

Kate claims Jon has changed … but Mean Betty would like to show Kate these photos of herself.

-Mean Betty

Kate Gosselin Bodyguard

Yesterday … all her troubles seemed so far away …

Aw, poor Kate Gosselin. Such a dud her hubby and co-parent turned out to be! Too bad she didn’t realize that before having eight children with him.

Oh – but wait! Pardonnez-moi … according to Kate, as she watched a retrospective show of Jon and Kate Plus 8 Monday night, Jon Gosselin changed during their 10-year marriage.

“I was me all along,” she said. “Jon discovered he was somebody different than we had known him to be.”

So Kate’s just the same Kate she’s always been, right pets?

Hmmmm … let’s take a peek at some photographic evidence to the contrary, shall we?

Kate Gosselin 1
Kate plus peroxide and a tan!

Jon and Kate Gosselin
Just a couple of crazy kids crazies.

Kate Gosselin 2
Are we sure that’s the same woman, kittens?

Oh yes Kate, you’re just exactly the same sweet little brunette you’ve always been!

Uh-huh. Mean Betty rests her case.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin

  1. none of these pictures make any sense.

    Yes she changed.. it’s called going from beig pregnant to being not pregnant. “Are we sure that’s the same woman?”

    A picture shown of her pregnant next to her 8 years later or so isnt really an insult. OBVIOUSLY after you have 6 children your body will change.

    But hey GREAT comparison.

    Next can you show a pregnant womans before and after and say how she AMAZINGLY lost about 8 pounds 8 ounces in as little as 10 hours?? Because i would love to read that thought provoking article.

  2. I agree @ je2522, Mean Betty. It is hurtful for one woman to show such an ugly attitude towards another in such a situation as this. Let’s see some preggo pic of you at 9 months and then not, shall we? The changes Kate has gone through are appropriate physical changes that occur as a woman matures after having children. I think the changes Kate is referring to in John are not the physical ones, but the change in attitude and behaviors. This was NOT a cool article, Mean Betty – shame on you for hating on a woman for changing her hair color and style and becoming physically fit after having two sets of multiples! Can you really blame Kate for wanting to make positive changes in her physical appearance? I can’t!

  3. I’m with je2522 and pepper56. Ridiculous article. She dyed her hair, got a tan from being in the sun, got in shape after having kids. Maybe you should look at a picture of yourself from 10 years ago and see how much you have changed.

  4. Use better judgment next time you write an article. This was obviously not thought out very well, as I’m sure the above comments can tell you. My 14 year old even knows better than to use such heinous comparisons.

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