Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin's New Career

The wee Gosselins may miss the cameras, but they haven't stopped rolling for Kate!
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Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin’s New Career

The wee Gosselins may miss the cameras, but they haven’t stopped rolling for Kate!

-Mean Betty

Kate Gosselin girls

Those poor, poor deprived Gosselin children! Mean Betty’s cold little heart actually aches for them. Why, you ask? Well, Mama Gosselin tells us the saddest story … the poor little darlings are “sobbing” without the cameras!

Us Weekly

“They cried in the van on the way home from school the other     day. I finally admitted to them, they kept asking, ‘Where’s the camera crew? Where’s the camera crew? We miss them.’ And I said, ‘Our show is over.’ …Eight sobbing kids driving home from school,” Kate, 34, says on Barbara WaltersThe 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009, airing Wednesday on ABC.

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It’s just cruel and unusual depriving the children of the “friends” they clearly miss!

And don’t go suggesting stinky old Jon Gosselin might have, accidentally of course, struck the nail on the head when he decided the children would be better off living life off-camera (the nerve!). Kate tells Babs: “Unless you live in my house and, and see how everything that we have done with the show has been such a great experience, you can’t speak.”

Got that, pets? Just don’t even speak.

Mean Betty was going to suggest a list of things that Kate could do to propel her little brood back into the comfy spotlight of national television where they rightfully belong (thoughts of artificial insemination – Kate Plus Eight Plus Eight! – and hot air balloons ran through Mean Betty’s mind), but then Mean Betty read that Kate has a few tricks of her own up her sleeve.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin's New Career

  1. I wonder when STEVE & KATE will come out about their relationship?? with Jon&Tiger & many more celebs that are acting up the cat out of the bag…I will never believe the kids are crying about not being on TV it KATE that crying ,so, she into acting as a waitress,maybe she got a thing for the TRUCKERS..

  2. @stellabella – Your arguments mean nothing if you can’t use appropriate syntax or grammar.

    MeanBetty – Kate is the better parent, and she is doing what she feels is best to keep her children comfortable in the kind of lifestyle they had previously. I really wish you would quit picking on her. And don’t complain about her being in the spotlight – you keep putting her there!

  3. When Kate sign her children to be on TV she knew the life style would cause her to be talked about,no matter if my arguments means nothing,the truth is the truth…I believe if a TEACHER posted bad about ST.KATE even their post would mean nothing…pepper56 u are not making any sense from your post,PLEASE check your grammer before you judge a person…

  4. Stellabella, you sound quite ignorant and uneducated. The only grammar (not grammer) mistake I made was to start a sentence with the word “And,” which I did because I am using conversational English. I don’t believe anyone is saying that Kate is a saint. I do believe, however, that she is a much better parent that that monkey-faced idiot she married.

  5. pepper56 I am not ignorant but I am not as educated as you are..I never said kate wasn’t a good parent..The kids miss the people w/the cameras they could care less about being on TV..p56 Jon is a jerk when it comes to the children,and he did do wrong by stealing the kids money,and treating Kate the way he did..I do wish the children& Kate the best…

  6. pepper56… how nice of you to comment on someone else being uneducated and ignorant. PLEASE. What gives you the right to judge anyone? What gives you the right to say that Kate is a great parent? It’s your opinion.. just as everyone else has an opinion. Get off your high horse.. oh wait.. is this really you? omg! you are Hate Gosselin !! now go away, Hate

  7. Kate is doing the best.She has 8 children to support.If it means the camera and lots of money .So be it! I don’t see any one saying being on camera for the Duggers (18 children) is bad for them.They are home schooled and not allowed to mix with regular kids.The Gosslins go to public school,play with all kinds of children of different faiths and creeds.Are not as sheltered.Eat organic food.They are better off than the Duggers and nobody complains how the Duggers raise their children.

  8. I’m all for making money to support my children..I though The Gosselin children went to private school…I watched Jon/Kate plus 8 twice & that was enough b/c of Kate mouth,she would never shut up even for the children to talk always intervened when they tried to talk..I watch the DUGGARS every week at least Mrs.DUGGAR lets her children speak without interruption them.There families out there supporting their family with out TV,so,KATE no better than any other family..Kate is not to famous to work a regular job,she could go back to nursing,plus work a second job..

  9. Smaslt – I have the same right to say Kate is a better parent as you do to say she isn’t. By the way, I didn’t say she is a good parent, but we live in a country where I am allowed to say what I want. I didn’t say that stellabella IS uneducated and ignorant, I said that she SOUNDS that way, because of her numerous grammatical errors. You can’t tell me that you don’t read comments like what she posted and then totally discount what that person is trying to say because of the uneducated feel of it. Whether you like it or not, people are judged daily – get over it.

  10. pepper56 get over it if I made the mistakes w/my posting…I feel for the people u are around w/your judgment..I bet u judge everybody..I checked SANTA list you are on the ugly nasty list,but I will wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS..LOL

  11. ice I know 2 women that raise their children working 2 jobs,and get by ..Jon not to famous to work as well,so,Kate/Jon needs to WORK it bull crap that they need the paps & the TV to make money,plus if it hadn’t been for the 8 children Jon/Kate would be still at their everyday regular job..My input TLC should cancel all shows w/children b/c it tarnish the PARENTS to the point they think they make all the money,and acts like a child wanting more ..

  12. I want to wish each one here that posted a MERRY CHRISTMAS…Mean Betty Your website is awesome..I am wishing mean Betty a Merry Christmas as well..MERRY CHRISTMAS to Kate,Jon and the children,OH! I do not want to leave LOVERBOY out STEVE as well…LOL

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