Mean Betty on Kim Cattrall

The foxy 'Sex and the City' star says she's no man-eater.
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Mean Betty on Kim Cattrall

The foxy ‘Sex and the City’ star says she’s no man-eater.

-Mean Betty

Kim Cattrall

Newsflash, kittens! It turns out that Kim Cattrall, the woman we can pretty much thank for introducing us to the concept of a “cougar,” is, in fact, “totally insecure” about her ability to successfully hit on men. The 51 year old blond bombshell told the Daily Mail: “I could not go into a bar and pick up a man – that is so foreign to me it’s not even in my hemisphere. I am totally insecure. That is predatory behavior, and I don’t consider myself a predator.”

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The poor, insecure dear! And here all this time, with her three marriages, we thought the vampy Kim had no problem attracting the fellas. How terrible to be so misunderstood!

Kim continues, “In fact, I feel sometimes that I am the pursued.”

Pursued?! Really now? Why on earth could that possibly be?

Kim Cattrall

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