Mean Betty on Levi's Playgirl "Sneak Peek”

Is Ricky Hollywood trying to tell us something? Mean Betty isn't so sure she wants to see the rest of the Playgirl spread!

Mean Betty on Levi’s Playgirl “Sneak Peek”

Is Ricky Hollywood trying to tell us something? Mean Betty isn’t so sure she wants to see the rest of the ‘Playgirl’ spread!

-Mean Betty

Levi Johnston in Playgirl

Interesting strategy darlings! In lieu of dishing the “full monty” as threatened promised, Levi Johnston has apparently instead decided on showcasing his impressive … armpit hair. A bold move!

Mean Betty isn’t quite looking forward to the full release of the photos next week, which, Mean Betty is alarmed to read, involves the use of a “hockey stick” – and, according to The New York Daily News, involved an “homage to the hockey mom.”

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Mean Betty is trying hard not to imagine a naked Levi Johnston cavorting with a Sarah Palin look-a-like.

While you get that image out of your mind, Mean Betty has to say … in all of this, the person Mean Betty genuinely feels for is Bristol Palin. Yes, kittens, Mean Betty does have a heart – cold and black as it may be. And Mean Betty remembers being a teenage Mean Betty. The only thing that could possibly be worse than becoming the poster child for what happens when you don’t listen to mama is to have your high school sweetheart turned baby daddy / ex boyfriend become a famous “sex symbol” – even if “sex symbol” does have quotes around it. Irony is somewhat lost on teenagers, isn’t it? One wants one’s first love to die of a broken heart, doesn’t one? Not to go parading about, tweeting and winning adult entertainment awards and taking advice from Jon Gosselin.

Truly pets – isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment for a teenage girl?

Speaking of Jon Gosselin, Mean Betty would like to assure Bristol that, though Levi may be the current flavor of the week circus-freak-15-minuter, there is no doubt a special circle of Hell reserved for the likes of Mr. Gosselin, Michael Lohan, and other dubious celebrity fathers where they will suffer such evil torments as having no … audience. And only each other for company. The horror!

Stay tuned for more Levi Johnston, aka “Ricky Hollywood” (as his Baby Grandma calls him), fun next week. Let us just hope he keeps his arms down and his “hockey stick” covered, hmm pets?


Mean Betty

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