Mean Betty on Lindsay Lohan's India Documentary

What is it about Lindsay in India that makes Mean Betty laugh?
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Mean Betty on Lindsay Lohan’s India Documentary

What is it about Lindsay in India that makes Mean Betty laugh?

-Mean Betty

 Lindsay Lohan

Darlings, every now and then Mean Betty has a pang of conscience. For example, whilst browsing the Internet this weekend, Mean Betty came across the preview of the BBC’s documentary Lindsay Lohan In India, which chronicles the starlet’s weeklong visit in December to “investigate” the trafficking of women and children. (Did you hear that kittens? An entire week!) Mean Betty nearly spit out her afternoon cocktail laughing.

But is that unfair? Is it not quite right to mock LiLo for her vacuous, shenanigan-filled lifestyle … and then laugh at her when she tries to use her power for good? (And by power Mean Betty means her 379,398 Twitter followers.)


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Oh pets, it’s impossible isn’t it? Lindsay Lohan with her best Katie Couric impression and her black headscarf (do you think it’s Prada?) … truly, is there anything more ridiculous? And is there any less effective way to help abused children than by exploiting them even further for entertainment value and some sort of image-boost for LiLo?

What exactly were the execs at the BBC thinking? Were they looking for someone who would fit in with the undernourished? Or perhaps they thought Lindsay would be a good candidate to shed a light on the plight of trafficked children in India, having been basically raised by wolves? (Though, actually, Mean Betty doesn’t want to give wolves a bad name. Wolves actually care for their young.)

Most worrying, though, is this terrible thought: Is this going to be a trend? Some sort of new television algebra where X = a spoiled celebriwreck, Y = a heartbreaking human condition, and Z = BUCKET-O-ENTERTAINMENT!

What’s next? Is someone going to take Paris Hilton up on her threat to do charity work in Africa and subject a group of starving villagers to Paris in an Out of Africa costume and her film crew?

Mean Betty shudders to think.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Lindsay Lohan's India Documentary

  1. I have to say that I am saddened and disappointed in this article. Human trafficking is a huge issue that in my opinion, does not get enough attention (check out change dot org), so kudos to Lindsay Lohan for using her celebrity to bring attention to it. I don’t care who it is – NOBODY deserves to get mocked for trying to do something good. Even if it is for publicity as Mean Betty says – who cares? Look at what George Clooney did for Darfur, and what Ashley Judd and Leonardo DiCaprio did for NRDC. As far as having a “life-changing experience in a week”, I highly suggest that Mean Betty visit India or Africa and see for herself that life-changing experiences can happen in a matter of seconds when you see some of the poverty and struggles there.
    Please don’t minimalize the message of human trafficking by making fun of a documentary just to take a stab at a celebrity – that’s just too much bad karma to put out into the world.

  2. I think it’s a shame that this article is one big tongue lashing against Lindsay’s decision to help with human trafficking in India. We aren’t in this young woman’s shoes, and have no inkling as to whether she has been sincere in her efforts. Yes, she’s young, has made mistakes (as we all have), but give this young woman a chance. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Perhaps we should give her a chance And the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Ironically the Betty Confidential email appeared in my inbox immediately after one from World Hope International, which has been and continues to work both at the inter-governmental level to stop cross-border trafficking and at the local level to extricate girls from their horrendous situations, give them counseling, medical care, education and support in starting new lives.

  4. yoamber – You are correct in that human trafficking is an important issue, but you’re wrong that this article is minimizing the message. If anything, LiLo is the one making a mockery of the message and those people documented, by donning traditional garb and spending a week in India. She’s probably never even been to India and most likely flew first class to get there and stayed in the poshest of hotels while she was filming. She’s not known at all for her charitable work here or in other countries, so my thought is Lindsey needed the money and something to take the spotlight off her drinking, drug use, lawsuits and psychotic episodes, and BBC needed some ratings. I’m disappointed in the BBC. She may have done some good while she was there, but she’s no Mother Teresa or even an Angelina Jolie.

  5. I agree DallasShopperGal. I’m sure there are many well-known people who would’ve liked to use their celebrity to bring attention to this serious problem, so why did they choose Lindsay? It seems like BBC chose her for the wrong reasons, like ratings. Has she ever talked about this issue before? Has she ever voiced her concerns for anyone other than herself? If they had chosen someone for this project that we could actually believe was genuinely concerned about the issue, then people would be more inclined to take this documentary seriously.

  6. Betty is obviously enraged that Lindsay is having sex with ME on a regular basis and NOT the hag herself, Betty.
    Look for great things to come for Lindsay. Now that she has discovered her orgasmic potential she’s free of the frustration that dogged her. Lindsay wants other women to know sexual bliss and is loaning me out.

  7. Creme – I DO help people in my community and beyond, but I’m do not offer up charity in exchange for ratings or good publicity, or a paycheck, for that matter. Charitable contribution shouldn’t be about personal gain. It would be hard to believe LiLo hung out with the impoverished in India for a week without getting paid for it, which makes her minimal effort even less sincere.

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