Mean Betty on Michelle McGee's "Apology" to Sandra Bullock

"Bombshell" is sorry? Puh-lease.

Mean Betty on Michelle McGee’s “Apology” to Sandra Bullock

“Bombshell” is sorry? Puh-lease.

-Mean Betty

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Oh, how sweet, kittens! Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has “apologized” to Sandra Bullock – isn’t that just heartwarming?

“I’d like to say, ‘Sandra, you know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for your embarrassment, I’m sorry all this is public,’” Michelle told Australia’s Today Tonight.

Yes, isn’t is a shame it all went “public”? Funny how that happens when you sell your tawdry little tale to The National Enquirer, isn’t it?

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“I feel bad for Sandra, you know, I know what she’s going through. She must be hurt, devastated, upset, embarrassed,” says Bombshell.

You know what, dearest? Sandra must surely be “upset” – but you, darling, are the one who ought to be embarrassed. But, oh well, Mean Betty is pretty certain “shame” is not a word in your vocab – and hey! – such a great coincidence that this just magically happened in time for your “website” to launch!

Now, don’t get Mean Betty wrong. The person who will never be able to apologize enough (in Mean Betty’s humble opinion) is Jesse James himself. Let’s not get distracted from the real jerk here. But, that being said … really?!

And of course sweet Michelle is trying to paint herself as the victim – the poor dear says she believed Jesse when he told her he and Sandra were separated.

Apparently she has never heard of Google.

But the final straw for this mistress scorned was apparently watching Sandra’s Oscar acceptance speech, with Jesse getting all teary in the audience …

“It was very bizarre seeing them on TV and his eyes were teary and he had this emotional state and … it just seemed so fake to me, so not real,” she said. “He was just talking to me a couple weeks before, talking about how he missed me, how he’s thinking about me and then he’s on TV professing his undying love, you know, looking like he’s crying and emotional for this woman. I was like, is this real? Is this just act? What is this?”

… and then getting a text from him a week after the Oscars.


So of course, Michelle’s ONLY course of action was to … call the tabloids! OBVIOUSLY!

But the poor thing has been perplexed by the public’s reaction …

“I’ve been getting very harsh reactions, name-calling – ‘I’m a homewrecker, a slut, a wh***,’ and I’m very surprised by that, that more people aren’t taking my side. I don’t want any pity … but Jesse is the bad guy here … I got duped as much as Sandra did,” she cries.

But never fear! Bombshell’s on a mission to clean up her reputation …

“My reputation’s been tarnished, especially with the Nazi and the white supremacist stuff,” she said. “It’s very, very hurtful to hear those things over a silly photoshoot.”

Sheesh! Can’t a girl catch a BREAK or what? One little Nazi photoshoot and everyone’s all judgey!

Truly, kittens – Mean Betty has said it before and she’ll say it again – it almost seems wrong to mock people who are obviously mentally handicapped, non?

Oh well! “Apology” aside, surely her 15 minutes are just about up … right?



Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Michelle McGee's "Apology" to Sandra Bullock

  1. She doesn’t understand why no one feels sorry for?? Is she for real? She fooled around with a MARRIED MAN. She knew he was married. Boy, oh boy is she milking it! Hey Michelle- no one will ever buy any book you’re going to sell….well, maybe the Neo-Nazis will.

    As for Sandra, the woman is obvs blind. If her husband has a surfboard in his house with a swastika on it, how the hell do you ignore that?

    Then again, she’s German.

  2. Hey Bombslob, you’re a whore so get over it, you’re a bad mother who is going to deservedly lose her child, get over it. You’re pig who spreads her legs for any old white trash and racists who wander by your venus fly trap of a cootch. Good luck having anyone feel sorry for you trash, I hope your son lives a long happy life very far away from YOU!

  3. Remember the old saying, ‘Still rivers run deep’?
    Aren’t we all waiting for the other shoe to drop? Yes, that would be Sandra’s shoe. She could squash the evil BB in a heartbeat…but she’s waiting, and I remember hearing the words, “Wait til your dad gets home!” If I were BB I’d be shutting up, getting out, and staying out.

  4. sorry just does not cut it. i don’t like it when any one tells me their sorry because if you know it’s wrong so why do you do it any way. if you know your going to ask forgiveness why do you do it and why do you think you deserve to be forgiven. but i do think sandra should forgive them so that she does not have so much bad energy . and she feels better about here self.not that she did anything wrong.

  5. What a skank. There’s nothing she can say or do at this point that is going to make anyone feel sorry for her or think she’s even remotely classy.

  6. “I have been getting very harsh reactions and name calling”… what did she expect as she willingly screws up a marriage and pisses on one of America’s most loved sweethearts. I’m not buying her remorse. She can deal with her pain. Sandra, always the classy lady, not airing her feelings with a statement, good for her. When and only when she is ready should she ever say anything publicly about it.

  7. She stated that she leaked the story because she was jealous of the relationship between Badboy and Sandra. Of she’s sorry, because now she’s getting the type of attention she deserves- public hatred and disgust. As for Mr. James, he’s an aging piece of garbage who is no where near good enough for Sandra. (I feel so badly for her!) Considering the monumental luck that he had in winning her heart, only to break it, I can’t wait to know what kind of universal payback will come to those two dirt bags.

  8. I suggest Ms McGee get some counseling about her incessant need for attention. Persons who tattoo their bodies to such an extreme are already crying out to be noticed. And women who knowingly get involved with married men have psychological issues that “run deep” as well. If McGee is looking for sympathy from the public she is looking in the wrong place. Think of the public as those who sat in the coliseum as the Christians were fed to the lions and gladiators fought to the death based on a thumbs up or down. The public revels in calamity and destruction…because it makes their own lives seem less chaotic somehow.

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