Mean Betty on Naked Celebrities

Celebrities who bare it all to support their favorite causes. Mean Betty asks ... when will the selflessness end?
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Mean Betty on Naked Celebrities

Celebrities who bare it all to support their favorite causes. Mean Betty asks … when will the selflessness end?

-Mean Betty

Kim Zolciak

Whilst idly surfing the Web last night, Mean Betty came across a fascinating slideshow on entitled, grippingly, “Stars Who Strip for a Cause.” Always eager to see proof of the inherent altruistic nature of our celebrities, Mean Betty clicked, thinking perhaps she would find evidence of some mass delegation to Darfur of celebrities carrying the very clothes off their microdermabrasioned backs to those in need.

Ah, not quite.

Rather, these are stars who have bravely permitted themselves to be photographed in the nude as a brilliant way to draw attention to various causes!


Really – the generosity, the dedication … the sheer guts. These giving souls could be out working in soup kitchens or delivering rations to starving children in the Sudan or rebuilding New Orleans with their bare hands … but instead of such menial tasks they choose instead to pose provocatively, with the best lighting and makeup and Photoshopping our modern civilization has to offer, in order to selflessly promote the causes nearest and dearest to their generous little hearts. Doesn’t it bring a tear to your eye? Truly.

Nia Long

Take, for example, Third Watch actress Nia Long on her gutsy decision to join the PETA “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign: “When I became a mother I started to really understand the importance of all living creatures in a way that I didn’t ever think about before.”

How lovely of her! Of course, Mean Betty is curious to know if she’s concerned about the living creature she calls her son being embarrassed to death by seeing his naked mother straddling a subway pole on a giant billboard, but hey – we all have to make sacrifices!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Naked Celebrities

  1. hope_xo says:

    Man, a lot of stars really do go naked for a cause …

  2. khc1114 says:

    I often wonder what their true ’cause’ is: charity or self-promotion? Or both? Nude photos tend to garner lots of attention…

  3. sascha supreme says:

    definitely shameless self-promotion is the common thread here…No one hear about your “cause” when you’re toiling away in soup kitchens with a hair net.

  4. Ann13 says:


  5. Carolyn88 says:

    These celebs could learn a thing or two from Angelina Jolie!

  6. violetgal says:

    Pamela Anderson is so gross, she needs to disappear.

  7. blondeambition says:

    eww Pam Anderson!! But….if I looked like Eva Mendes I’d go around posing naked all the time too!

  8. LookitsCynthia says:

    Kim Zoliack…gross.

  9. cloo says:

    Some celebs I give permission to be naked, like Eva, but others.. PLEASE PUT CLOTHES ON

  10. rose07 says:

    If I had their bodies, I wouldn’t mind walking around naked

  11. Alex-PhotoHand says:

    They are definitely doing this to attract attention to themselves.

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