Mean Betty on Naomi Campbell's Blood Diamond

The supermodel is at it again, swinging at cameras and refusing to answer questions about evil African ex-dictators. All in a day's work!

Mean Betty on Naomi Campbell’s Blood Diamond

The supermodel is at it again, swinging at cameras and refusing to answer questions about evil African ex-dictators. All in a day’s work!

-Mean Betty

Naomi Campbell

Mental note: Do not ever mention the words “blood diamond” or “African despot” or “crimes against humanity” within earshot of Naomi Campbell. It’s most hazardous to one’s health!

Yes darlings, our dear Glamazon Naomi Campbell is at it again – swinging punches and causing international mayhem as only a 6-foot diva with long arms, and giant superiority complex and a very short fuse can do.

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The culprit who dared to cross Naomi this time was not one of those pesky, inferior servants that poor Naomi always seems to get saddled with (luckily she seems to have an endless arsenal of crystal-studded cell phones). No, this time the evildoer was an ABC reporter who had the gall to question Naomi about a “blood diamond” the supermodel is rumored to have received from a very bad guy indeed.

Mia Farrow, of all people, can ultimately be blamed for the fracas – after all she is the one who ratted out Naomi to ABC news in the first place, telling them that Naomi bragged about receiving a “huge diamond” in the middle of the night from Liberia’s former “president” Charles Taylor when both Mia and Naomi were visiting Nelson Mandela. (Apparently Mean Betty’s invite to that little tête-à-tête got lost in the mail!)

Mean Betty knows, darlings, we usually don’t have to go into complicated international politics in Mean Betty’s column, but suffice it to say Taylor is not someone one should be taking gifts from, as he is accused of killing and amputating thousands of people in Sierra Leone between 1997 and 2001. And his gruesome activity is said to have been financed with blood diamonds, which, of course, Mean Betty surely doesn’t have to tell you darlings, are diamonds essentially mined by slaves under wretched conditions.


So one might think that Naomi would be happy to explain this was a misunderstanding, no?


Oh Naomi, Naomi. That superior pout on your face is truly a sight to behold. Too bad you didn’t have a sharp implement or something nice and heavy handy!

Just remember, dear Glamazon – sometimes diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Naomi Campbell's Blood Diamond

  1. Wow, did you see how she just looked up at her publicist, like “Oh, Sh*t, what do I do?” You definitely can tell the woman has anger management issues when she pushes the camera over at the end… like, was that really necessary?

  2. Doing well, uptowngirl ? This woman is so self-absorbed and callous that she cares more about keeping a diamond with the blood of thousands on it than addressing the crimes against humanity the giver of the diamond has committed. He is on trial at The Hague right now for those horrific murders and amputations, yet Naomi didn’t have the class to put on her Big Girl pants and ‘fess up. Because….YOU GUESSED IT, then she’d have to relinquish the diamond, which is undoubtedly sitting in some well-guarded safe deposit box in an elite bank in Europe. Her version of a 401K maybe ? Either way, I hope this last offense is Naomi’s swan song; she is clearly disturbed ,needs serious professional help with her abusive impulses. She deserves not to walk in anybody’s show anymore, and it is my hope she finally gets her just desserts, which do not include anything measured in carats. It’d be a good life lesson for her, not to work anymore. Wait and see…not even the most dilettante of fashion designers will have her walk in their shows. I think she went waaaay too far this time. Time to grow up and learn a pretty face will not always get you over. Too many people suffered and died under Taylor’s regime and Naomi had a chance to stand up and do the right thing, and ….she passed.

  3. Naomi is really nothing more than an older model who is a hooker to billionaires, why they want to pay to have this hideous, insanely violent leech near them is anyone’s guess. Just look at the men she’s spends time with… paid to spend time with. Hooker please. So of course that was part of the arrangement, the diamond. She earned it on her back. She’ll make an interesting book one day, but the suffering of those poor people, the wars that blood diamonds support, means nothing to her. Nothing. She’s a hideous person but beloved by European designers, especially Lagerfeld, so she’s still out there and a multi-millionaire who is in a career transition so to speak. It is sickening. She doesn’t understand the right thing or care about doing the right thing.

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