Mean Betty on Old Rocker Barbies

Doesn't every little girl dream of playing with has-been '80s icons? Mean Betty reports.
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Mean Betty on Old Rocker Barbies

Doesn’t every little girl dream of playing with has-been ‘80s icons? Mean Betty reports.

-Mean Betty


Tell Mean Betty pets, has the entire doll industry on drugs? First Mean Betty hears about a HOMELESS American Girl doll. Now Mean Betty reads on Jezebel that the makers of Barbie are bringing us the fine ladies of the … ‘80s? That’s right kittens, get ready for Barbie versions of our old (emphasis on the old) friends Cindy Lauper, Joan Jett and Debbie Harry! Just in time for the holiday season!


Mean Betty is wondering – just who exactly is Barbie’s target market? Because Mean Betty doesn’t know any little girls who would have the slightest idea who any of those, er, remarkable role models are … let alone want to play with them alongside their “Barbie Fairy-tastic Princess” dolls.

Actually, considering Mattel is also releasing a “Barbara Streisand” Barbie … Mean Betty has a very good idea who the target market it for this little launch. So – gay men and hipster moms with nostalgia for their youthful idols … OK. Interesting marketing strategy Mattel!

And … very clever … now Mattel can sneak in some “edginess” and compete at last with those trampy little Bratz dolls that keep eating up their market share. The Cindy Lauper Barbie comes with a sassy pair of fishnet stockings, Debbie Harry wears a hot pink plastic mini dress with matching choker, and Joan Jett is resplendent in all black. Rock on.

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