Mean Betty on P. Diddy's Spoiled Rotten Son

Where else would a 12-year-old celebrate his birthday than Las Vegas? Mean Betty wants to know!

Mean Betty on P. Diddy’s Spoiled Rotten Son

Where else would a 12-year-old celebrate his birthday than Las Vegas? Mean Betty wants to know!

-Mean Betty

P. Diddy

Oh darlings, Mean Bettys has such an uplifting, heartwarming story to tell you! You’ll be so touched – truly. Mean Betty just read that Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, celebrated his darling son Christian’s 12th birthday in … where else??! … Las Vegas! Isn’t that sweet? When you think of innocence and childhood, and celebrating the transition to responsible young adult, isn’t Vegas the first place that springs to mind?

Mean Betty too!

Diddy reportedly jetted Christian and his mini-entourage out to the City of Sin for a four-day bash that included including paintballing, indoor skydiving and a trip to the Adventureland theme park. The festivities started with a lavish dinner at Lavo Restaurant in The Palazzo, featuring spaghetti with Kobe meatballs and a round of Shirley Temples. (What — no Cristal?!). The little darlings then returned to a suite at the Palms for a good old-fashioned slumber party. Alas, no word yet on whether tokens for gambling or lap dances were included in the goody bags!

Read Mean Betty’s Monday Morning Roundup reports the guest list included Tyson Beckford‘s son Jordan, Faith Evans‘ son Josh and Master P‘s son Hercy. So just your typical run-of-the mill get-together.

P. Diddy took a moment out of the festivities to Tweet, “Celebrating my son Christians bday in style! He only deserves the BEST! Eating dinner with him+20 of his closest friends!! I’m so blessed!”

Indeed! has a lovely photo gallery of the blessed event, which you will surely want to peruse as you come up with themes for your own children’s birthday soirées!

Of course, Daddy Diddy did set the birthday bar pretty high this past January when he gave his older son Justin Dior a $300,000 car for his 16th birthday AND a party that included such illustrious guests as Snooki.

Ah, the beauty of parenthood, giving children just what they need to grow up into well-balanced, responsible citizens of the world. Wonder where young Christian will get to go next year? Perhaps Monte Carlo?

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it, pets?


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  1. Can’t stand Puff Daddy or whatever he’s calling himself these days. He’s obnoxious in all aspects, so the fact he’d go way over the top for his kids’ birthday isn’t surprising. I get that he’s rich and famous and so he’s going to spoil his kids, but come on! He’s not instilling any values in that little punk and he’ll probably become another statistic when he gets a little older, like most child stars and children of the rich and famous.

  2. I cant believe the biased,hateful,jealous comments coming from this site!Add bigoted to the title Mean Betty! Im sure white celebrities hold outrageous parties for their kids,but none of u will bat an eye to that. And why does his son has to be a gangster? America is waist deep in racism and the problem is no one wants to admit it,so the problem continues… Case in point,why is that drug addict Charlie Sheen and crackhead Lindsey Lohan getting so much freakin attention! America sucks!

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