Mean Betty on Rachel Uchitel and Michael Lohan

Two people we're sick of hearing about.
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Mean Betty on Rachel Uchitel and Michael Lohan

Two people we’re sick of hearing about.

-Mean Betty

Rachel Uchitel

Brace yourselves, darlings … Mean Betty has some shocking news. Are you ready?

Rachel Uchitel is going to pose for Playboy.

What’s that, kittens? You’re not shocked in the slightest? In fact, you wish Rachel Uchitel and her husband-hunting ways would just disappear?

Mean Betty feels your pain.

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Alas, pets, it seems as if Rachel, despite having been edged out in recent news by Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, is here to stay – for the time being at least. is reporting that Tiger Woods’ Mistress Ground Zero has agreed to reveal all for the illustrious men’s mag. Actually – strike that – she won’t reveal all – “just the backside … and the topside.”

Sigh. Mean Betty would really like to know – is there a side of Rachel we haven’t seen yet that we WANT to see?

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Rachel Uchitel and Michael Lohan

  1. Not surprised. She is trash. First having an affair with Tiger Woods, then David Boreanaz? Allegedly Derek Jeter as well. Playboy should recognize she is garbage wanting to extend her 15 minutes of fame. I can’t believe she became a correspondant on a respectable show.
    Micheal Lohan, I am sick of this man going after his 15 minutes of fame as well.

  2. Thank you. This waste of space woman should be forgotten – the fact that she broke up a marriage to a cheating idiot but Rachael knew he was married with tiny children. She’s also more than willing to destroy another women’s life at the cost of 10 million dollars. A hooker is still a hooker no matter what the pay out is.

    As for Michael Lohan all he’s interested in doing is grabbing what’s left of Lindsay’s money that she earned, she supports her mother and siblings because that pile of trash father won’t. She needs to move her money off-shore and take the motive away from him. He didn’t bother to go to his son’s college graduation because he will never give old dad a dime.

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