Mean Betty on Rielle Hunter

The classy spread in GQ, the sex tape details ... Rielle Hunter is taking the world by storm!
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Mean Betty on Rielle Hunter

The classy spread in GQ, the sex tape details … Rielle Hunter is taking the world by storm!

-Mean Betty

Rielle Hunter

Mean Betty understands that, at a certain point, there’s no need to make fun of or express dismay with certain celebrities because they do all the work for you. But, although Rielle Hunter, famed “other woman,” does a marvelous job making a spectacle out of herself in the latest GQ all on her own, Mean Betty simply couldn’t help but comment. That is, once Mean Betty recuperated from being absolutely struck dumb with astonishment – yes, kittens, even Mean Betty still gets surprised now and then by the antics of her fellow humans.

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Mean Betty has to hand it to Rielle. Giving a tell-all to a glossy men’s mag is one thing; posing for seductive photo spread using your child (Mean Betty doesn’t think it’s fair to keep calling baby Frances Quinn a “love child” – the poor thing is going to learn to read one day, alas) as a photo prop? Well, that’s a stroke of class-A brilliance!

Rielle Hunter GQ

Apparently, after seeing the photos that accompany her interview, Rielle had second thoughts. On The View, Barbara Walters recounted a phone call she made to Rielle – apparently John Edwards‘s former mistress was “in tears” and “found the photographs repulsive.” Babs says, “When I asked if that was the case, why did she pose the way she did … she said she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer, and quote, ‘I went with the flow.’ ” Rielle, it seems, thought that they’d only use maybe ONE of the sexy photos and use a bunch of the other, more clothed shots. Because, apparently, she has never before seen a copy of GQ. “She cried for two hours,” Walters said.

Poor baby!

The interview is really a thing to behold—you must read it for yourself. But a few of the highlights:

“He in fact did say to me the first night, ‘Falling in love with you could really [screw] up my plans for becoming President.’ And of course I said, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.’”

Hahahahaha! Isn’t that hilarious?!

“I had this thing in my head like a lot of women, where you want your man to stand up on a cliff and scream, ‘I LOVE HER.’ You know, the knight in shining armor. And that wasn’t what was going on.”

That’s right – because HE WAS MARRIED.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Rielle Hunter

  1. I know he’s a cad and she’s a sleaze but what if they really, truly, madly fell in love. What if they really believe they are soulmates? Sure, they deserve each other but why does this love seem so ridiculous when many people spend all their lives looking for exactly such wild and crazy love.

  2. As a “professional” photographer, I’m sure she was well aware of the content of GQ. I think it’s a case of CYA, since she wasn’t expecting such a backlash over the photos.

  3. OMG! Why did she do this interview at all? I thought at least she was getting paid and doing it to support her daughter?!?! Instead she just does it for free?? I have the hardest time with her having her daughter photographed. And I feel bad for the Edwards other children…to know that your father would do something like this. To Elizabeth I would just say it is time to move on…

  4. kuddos to Rielle for attempting a sexy look with Kermit, Dora and Barney in the shot. How strange?? And for the love of God, pray there are no duplicates of the tape and burn the effing thing pronto.

  5. As a man, I can’t understand the backlash over the photos except that she is using her daughter for which I have a real problem. She is in a man’s shirt not showing anything but leg. She is not showing body parts or even panties, just leg. I don’t believe that she would do it for no money.

  6. I have to agree with her comments that the marriage was already broken. Men don’t cheat on wives who take care of their sexual needs. Too many women believe that they can just have sex whenever they feel like it and that their husbands can masturbate the rest of the time. Every time you force a man to masturbate alone rather than taking care of his sexual needs, you breed resentment in that man. Studies show that60% of married women have their men on a starvation diet of sex once a week or less. I don’t believe that any woman should be forced to have sex against her will, I just don’t get why so many of you have no problem forcing your men to without sex AGAINST HIS WILL!

  7. Seriously, can we all just drop this Rielle Hunter business? I would get a no fax cash loan and pay off the appropriate people to never hear about this again. I really could not care less about Rielle Hunter, her GQ photos, anything she thinks or has to say about anything, or about John Edwards or Elizabeth Edwards – and from what I’ve heard, the GQ photo shoot was something she did to stay away from needing pay day loans to make her rent. Who cares

  8. A toxic and dysfunctional relationship makes it okay to sleep with another woman’s husband, especially if she has terminal cancer. Didn’t you all know that? Rielle, or Lisa has always been a nut, however she wants to be the next Mrs.Johnny desperately. I think after this bizarre interview and photoshoot, and even after Johnny does a stint in Federal Prison AND after Elizabeth dies Johnny wouldn’t marry her if they were the only two people on Earth. She’s delusional, and so much so that Johnny has to lead her on to keep her quiet. Who knows what she really knows? He’s stuck with her on some level but she’s going to be hurt when he marries a woman who can mother his children by Elizabeth and that is not going to be Rielle/Lisa either.

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