Mean Betty on Sandra Bullock

Five lessons from our beloved star and Oscar-winner - Mean Betty style.
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Mean Betty on Sandra Bullock

Five lessons from our beloved star and Oscar-winner – Mean Betty style.

-Mean Betty

Sandra Bullock

Darling ones, first let Mean Betty say, of COURSE Mean Betty simply adores Sandra Bullock. Mean Betty’s heart is not made of cold, cold stone as some of you adorable creatures have suggested (how Mean Betty loves your comments and emails!).

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Good, now that out’s of the way, let us turn our attention to the topic at hand … what we can learn from Sandra Bullock in her time of distress. Oh yes, because, mes cheries, there are lessons to be learned from our dear celebrities – both from their smart moves and their dumb moves. And the lovely Sandra has made both kinds …

Lesson #1:

Signing a pre-nup.

Sandra Bullock

Good girl, Sandra!

but …

Marrying that creep in the first place.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Sandra Bullock

  1. Re #4: Who really KNOWS why Sandra doesn’t have children of her own (no ones business but hers, as far as I’m concerned); but right about now I’m betting she’s pretty happy she didn’t have any of her own with this guy. Now THAT would’ve really been a “dumb” move.

  2. wondering why if you love Sandra so much how can there be so much disrepect by daily updates on her obivous humiliation and hurt?
    Having a “Guide” to his mistresses is even more of a slam. I guess it all sells.

  3. ‘crying over her mistake’.
    She didn’t make a mistake, she fell in Love and followed her heart.
    Jesse has apparently made a few.
    Call me ‘Pollyanna’ because I still want to wake-up from this nightmare…and have all of this be untrue.
    That the soft-hearted, big lug of a ‘bad guy’ fell head-over-heels for one the world’s most sought after starlets. Then he had the incredible chance of a lifetime to marry her…bla-bla-bla…happily ever after. You know?

    It’s safe to say I’m pullin’ for you both, you need to talk, but you need time to think first. God Bless You Both.

  4. I think if she could have had kids she would have, she obviously loves them and takes care of others children with devotion and pride. For some people it’s not in the cards. She fell in love with a rat, thought he was going to do what he promised and now is broken hearted. I think everyone reading has had a man or woman break their hearts, it just wasn’t done the week you won the highest accolade in your profession and the entire world got to share your pain and embarrassment.

    She tried, he failed. I hope she can continue to have a relationship with his kids because I believe that was the real deal. I think they will all be better for it if that can happen.

    I just feel so bad for her, she did nothing wrong and is really suffering.

  5. Hey he was your boy toy,think of him as that!He was a man whore and continues to be one.Hehad a taste of decency and it is obvious he did not like it.His children are the ones to suffer.Now they have togo back to their Mother becsue he is no better than her.He is selfish and can’t but his kids first.He puts his needs first.!!Sandra I know you wanted a real man not some hollywood stick of a man but there are others out there for you.Have a surrogate hold your baby for you and go on with your own life!Good Luck! Girl you rock,he sucks!!!

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