Mean Betty on Sarah Jessica Parker, Swag Hag

The starlet of SATC2 is not all that she seems!
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Mean Betty on Sarah Jessica Parker, Swag Hag

The starlet of SATC2 is not all that she seems!

-Mean Betty

Sarah Jessica Parker SATC2

Mean Betty knows it’s dangerous to take aim at the darling of Sex and the City, what with all the building froth of fan mania leading up to the premier of SATC2 (bless their little hearts!). However, Mean Betty could not help but giggle when Mean Betty read the following headline in the UK’s Daily Mail:

‘I feel old and tired’: Sarah Jessica Parker on the pitfalls of motherhood

Why dearheart, that’s because you ARE!

It’s truly a marvel that she has any energy at all – imagine how difficult it must be to not only maintain those sinewy little arms and legs (just ask Madonna), but run after twins all day at her age! It’s hard enough to run in spike heels, let alone when one’s in danger of slipping on sippy cups and breaking a hip.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Asked by Heat magazine what her beauty secret is, SJP said (oh-so-demurely, Mean Betty imagines): “I don’t have one. I feel old and tired! I have children I run round after, I try to walk as much as possible, and other than that I buy every cream possible.”

Can Mean Betty get a “YEAH RIGHT”? Sure, Sarah. It’s all just “walking” and “creams.”  Surely no crazy exercise regimes, diets, or plastic surgery have ever entered into the equation!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Sarah Jessica Parker, Swag Hag

  1. You GO, Mean Betty! That’s why we love you, dear – you tell it like it is! Shame on SJP! Like the bitch doesn’t make enough bucks off the movies and her contract with Garnier to BUY her own clothes!

  2. So what if she kept some of the stuff? I assume she didn’t cram 24 cocktail glasses inside her coat while the prop master’s back was turned. As long as she had permission, I don’t see the big deal. (Presumably, that stuff had already been paid for or donated — and might never have been used again afterward — so I doubt anyone was unwillingly losing money by letting her have something.) Hell, I get excited about finding even the lamest of free sample offers online, and it’s not because I can’t afford tampons or shampoo otherwise. It’s just fun to get free stuff. I’m sure it’s even more fun when that free stuff is designer clothing and Swarovski crystal stemware!

  3. I personally do not think she is pretty — she looks her age and she has horrible knees; i do not think her legs are pretty either. I don’t see what all the hype is about her. I do like her perfume line tho, lol.

  4. Have you ever seen SJP in person? She’s tinier than Barbie, those clothes couldn’t fit anyone but her anyway, so let her have ’em. Geeze.
    As far as crystal stemware goes, well, to each his own…

  5. If she truly had plastic surgery, and not just “walking: and creams, she should have fixed her nose first! It takes away some of her attractiveness.

  6. SJP is not at all pretty and I do not understand what all the hype is, either. A long face and terrible nose. She’s nice looking “butter” face!

  7. What a mean spirited and badly mis-informed article. Why didnt you ask someone who works in film if this is standard practice? Because if you did, you would have nothing to snipe about.
    In film, once a dress is used, it’s worthless to the designer AND the film company. This isnt the old days where the “studio” could send these things back to the prop and wardrobe department. Most often, the designers and manufacturers are HOPING the stars will use these things and be photographed with them–this is why they give away thousands of dollars worth of items at awards shows.
    Your article just reeks of jealousy and lack of understanding. Do a little homework before you embarrass yourself again.

  8. She isn’t OLD, that isn’t the issue….but you hit the nail on the head when you said she attributes “looking good” to walking and creams. First of all, this woman has a long man-face and has never been attractive, but secondly if you compare current pics to those of 10 years ago it is obvious she has done something because she looks different. Not worse or better, just different. No amount of plastic surgery is gonna make this chick attractive. My husband, who is the first to comment on a pretty woman, always says when he sees her….”she must have talent cause she sure didn’t get anywhere on her looks”!

  9. what haters mean betty…you should be ashamed. Did you ever think that she had good genetics. I am 45 and people always tell me I look about 33…they are shocked when I reveal my true age…I am also 5’2, 112 lbs, NEVER diet or excercise (except for running my 10 year old around to activities) and all I do is use over the counter scrubs and creams) and p.s: I would take free stuff if it was offered to me too…what women wouldn’t? are you for real?

  10. Wow, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one that doesn’t think she’s pretty !! Ya, she may have a good body, but that narrow face, horrible noe and that witch hag chin !! Have you seen that recent commercial where she turns sideways to show the “lift” of the cream. I see that horrible jawline and I just cringe. I always wondered, how the hell did she get on TV ?? Please get some platic surgery SJP.

  11. I’ll bet the truth is … she hardly eats. As for plastic surgery… I don’t think so. Of course she was prettier 20 years ago (who isn’t??) in her early movies, like LA Story. Which only makes it more bizarre that she and the rest of 40 year old “girls” are still bobbing around in Sex & the City movies. That joke is OVER ladies.

  12. sjp is overrated. very below average looks…features are comedic. horrible legs & no sense of style whatsoever. but she seems like a nice girl, generally speaking. & if she wants something, asks for i AND they give it to her…who the heck cares.

  13. I agree with you alh2027!! I am getting sick of people stating they do not see what the fuss is about her. THE MEDIA IS MAKING A FUSS ABOUT HER!! Remember she did not go out there and ask to be chased 24/7 by Paps for a stupid buck that they receive for a photo of anyone who is very popular. She’s a great actress, she’s attractive and she has an excellent figure. Just because she happens to be thin does NOT mean she has an eating disorder. I have friends that eat like pigs, pizza, hamburgers, fries, you name it and they don’t gain weight. My friends and I are in our 30’s and your metabolism changes. Yet she has a genetic predisposition of slim people in her family. Same as SJP!! Get over it. I hate when women hate other women because they have good figures. Plus she does work out and keeps in shape. Get over it!! If you don’t like your body, quit eating junk and get off your duff and work out! The best way to lose weight. Not by some stupid diet pill! Barbra Streisand has a nose as well and she is attractive. Sara has it all, i.e., talent, looks, hit shows and movies, tons of money and perfumes that are great. She is a great business woman. Get over it. I think she’s a winner all the way.

  14. And I’ll say it again. Get over it!! Stop with the jealousy. If you don’t want to see her great “Sex and The City” hit movies, which, by the way, she was executive producer throughout the complete HBO 6 seasons. She created a mass of new styles, quips, any and everything you can think of. Most people never heard of Manolo’s until she brought her great style on the show. Every season I would see women wearing similar or the exact shoes and accessories she wore on her show. She has what it takes to make a great show even greater to have that much impact. That goes for the rest of the crew involved in the show and movies. If you don’t like seeing her, reading about her, simple solution, don’t watch her movies, stop reading articles about her and just give it a rest already. She’s a great person and I would give anything to be in her shoes. It takes a great deal of work to get where she is now. She went through some dud movies in the past, but she is talented and I want to add one of the BEST dressed women in the Hollywood and/or New York scene or anywhere in general. She has great taste. Whether by a stylist or herself, she dresses immaculately. This is how she started her trends in fashion. Patricia Field was the stylist for the girls on the show. Actually everyone in the show. Great talent there. Otherwise when I see photos of her just taking a walk, or shopping, she is dressed wonderfully. She has great taste. A great many women can’t say the same. You either have class or you don’t. Simple. Stop putting people down. Maybe you need to work on yourselves when you do that. Look for the good, not the bad. We all have our moments, but she’s a great talent and she’ll go further with better movies and better shows, or whatever goes her way. Whatever she touches, perfumes, film, fashion turns to gold. Think about it.

  15. As for what she stated about feeling OLD AND TIRED, and your NASTY comment “Well dearheart, that’s because you are.” Where do you get off stating such an ugly remark? She is not old and if she is tired, she stated they were working on the movie 90 hours a friggin week. That would make a 5 year old tired. So how old are you and what makes you think you can say that? There are many women in their 40’s and that is by far NOT old. All four of the girls are doing a ton of press junkets, interviews on all and every talk show, traveling all over the world, you name it, for this movie!! Wouldn’t you be a tad tired with that kind of work schedule? One day I hope someone states to you that you’re some old tired bag that it makes you feel like dirt. Hey, you brought that on yourself! Anyone who works hard and has to do, per contract, everything to make a movie successful, is paying the price of losing a great deal of sleep. Noone is Superwoman or Superman!! Regular work for those of us who put 100% into our jobs/careers, take pride and make sure we do our best and do lose a great deal of sleep BECAUSE we want to do our best and sometimes you are so tired you can’t walk. It’s called hard work. Some of us are not lazy and lie around waiting for someone to hand us a lousy buck. Any successful person has worked hard for it. For you to say that was WAAAAAAAAAY out of line!! Why the nastiness towards her? Did she do something to anger you.. doubtful. Think about what you say.

  16. Why not just BUY what she wants? For crying out loud she got paid well enough for that insulting, culturally unaware crapfest.

    Carrie Bradshaw was the whiniest, most immature, neurotic mess ever portrayed on film or TV. I love the other SATC characters, but this woman’s characterization is lousy. A one-trick pony at best.

    SJP is a horse-faced hack who cannot act. If she wants to alter her appearance, she should start with a face transplant.

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