Mean Betty on Sarah Palin's Hand Notes

Everyone's all a-flutter about Palin's notes on her hand at the National Tea Party Convention. Mean Betty investigates.
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Mean Betty on Sarah Palin’s Hand Notes

Everyone’s all a-flutter about Palin’s notes on her hand at the National Tea Party Convention. Mean Betty investigates.

-Mean Betty

Sarah Palin

Now darlings, Mean Betty generally doesn’t write about politics or politicians (unless they simply demand comment by playing their special political version of musical beds), but this was too good to pass up. Sarah Palin, ex-governor of Alaska, would-be Vice President (and President?) of the USA, and best selling author … writes speech crib notes on her palm. Too cute!

Mean Betty loves it. This way Sarah gets to still make fun of Obama and his teleprompter without being called a hypocrite AND maintain her folksy cred. Because it doesn’t get any folksier than a ballpoint pen to the palm, non?

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Here’s Sarah Palin during a Q&A at the National Tea Party Convention over the weekend:

Sarah Palin hand notes

And here’s a close-up of her hand:

 Sarah Palin hand

As Gawker says,  those words do appear to be:

  • “Energy”
  • Budget cuts”
  • “Tax”
  • “Lift American spirits”

Hmm … looks like she did a little last-minute editing!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Sarah Palin's Hand Notes

  1. Meh, no one should be expected to give a full speech without notes or a prompter…it’s called being prepared. She’s lucky her hands don’t sweat when she’s on a stage, though!

  2. Obama wouldn’t make it through a speech with only 3 phrases written down. I think she is a down to earth, average person, something Obama will never be. Not sure why she chose her hand instead of paper…definitely would have been more appropriate.

  3. How about Obama reading “corpsman” off the teleprompter at the National Prayer Breakfast and saying “corpse-man”? And then mispronouncing it again.

    The day after her convention speech, Palin wrote “Hi Mom!” on her palm. Funny that that picture wasn’t in this piece. Or not.

  4. What’s Sarah Palin have to do with Obama? She will fly or sink on her own merits, and according to current polls, she’s not particularly popular.

    She may be congenial, but that is no qualification to run anything. And for that matter, she resigned from running anything. That’s a great inspiration. Not.

  5. Sarah Palin is an IDIOT PERIOD! This idiot has the nerve to make fun of Obama?? Palin obviously thinks she is way smarter and way more popular than she is, she will NEVER be president she might as well take her tail back to Alaska and stay there, and who is taking care of her children especially her son with downs syndrome? Shouldn’t this person be at home taking care of these children?? Palin preaches one thing and does another?? Writing on her hand is just like being in High School, she is a hick from the sticks period!

  6. Hey Hankie1 you have to understand its politics everyone does it , just Obama spends more time out of the white house and on TV instead of working once in his life. He couldn’t get Chicago fixed or Hawaii so do you think he is smart in front of the tel-prompter? Think twice hanker. at least she writes her own and gets a few pointers out even if she has to write crib notes on her hand. I say a extremely smart woman. I would vote for her or Gov. Rick Perry of Texas if he ran for 2012.

  7. If you want to know the difference the difference between Obama using his teleprompter and Sarah Palin writing hand notes is a couple hundred words! Sarah Palin can do an entire speech with 7 words written on her hand and Obama has to read his entire speech even when he’s speaking to little school children. I think the more gifted orator is clear when you sit and use your thinking muscle, you know your brain? And If you actually would listen to Rush Limbaugh instead of just repeating everything you hear everyone else say, he was making fun of Rahm Emmanual calling his own parties liberal activist f’ing retarded. There was a whole schpeel in his show before he said what he said about how he was going to be made out to be the one who originated the retard word battle. Lo and behold, the media is sure enough doing exactly what Rush said you’d do. Go figure. He’s only a comedian until he uses your own words to make fun of you then ya’ll give him journalistic credit. Hog wash, this is another liberal article biased against conservatives. I wonder if you can find a way to write an article on how Sarah Palin writing on her hand is “racist” like your Obama article one BC.

  8. if anyone thinks Sarah Palin is smart enough to hold the highest office in the world, then we SERIOUSLY have a problem in this country. The dumbing down of America persists.

  9. I really can’t stand this woman. She is so clueless to the fact she is a huge joke is it is sad. The thought or her running for president and winning scares the hell out of me. Her running our country–OH SOOOO SCARY.

  10. I am a conservative. I can’t stand Sarah Palin. Many of our presidents used teleprompters, INCLUDING Reagan. Palin using her palm, and getting caught doing it, was just plain stupid. Oh right, she IS stupid. Anyone who can’t name one single newspaper they supposedly read and who couldn’t name a favorite founding father (she came up with Washington’s name only because Beck had already said it), is not too smart. She does have the gift of gab and she is glib, I will give her that. Besides that is how she manages to fool so many people into thinking she is smart.

  11. I wonder how they can tell who is the retarded one in that family? Every time she opens her mouth she shoves both ignorant feet in there. Can’t wait until she’s just a punch line in political history.

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